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  • work in happiness, positive thinking, work in happiness, Positive mind

    Work in happiness 15 April 2013

    When you have decided to work and pursue your career, known the importance of being and earning independently, and irrespective of gender and family circumstances, you having your own career and life has become important, then rather than getting frustrated...

    Keywords: positive thinking, priority, realistic time, health care

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    Rejection in humans, Rejection best, rejection helps you with a positive experience, Positive mind

    Rejection helps you with a positive experience 12 April 2022

    Rejection helps you with a positive experience:- Negative emotions are the biggest threat for any human being. Calling up without completing or rejecting will make you feel low bringing a lot of negative emotions. Remember that you are quitting your...

    Keywords: Rejection breaking news, Rejection articles, Rejection best, Rejection in humans

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    tips of the day, Mind sets, which kind of set are you, Positive mind

    Which Kind of Set Are You? 14 February 2012

    We hear so much about mind set; about getting it and keeping it. But to avoid the pitfalls, do we know what kind of set we are? The different kinds of set: Which kind of set are you? My mind...

    Keywords: different mind sets, tips for mind sets, tips of the day, Mind sets

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    positive mind set., positive mind set., be positive, Positive mind

    ‘Be Positive’? 30 December 2011

    When was the last time you heard a talk or a suggestion that suggested you to be positive? Be it in office meetings, personality development or any other training sessions, meditation or yoga classes or a simple discussion with your...

    Keywords: positive mind set., positive mind set., women lifestyle today, positive mind set.

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