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  • ebay census 2012 guntur, guntur city stand top in online market, guntur tops ebay list, Online market

    Guntur tops eBay list 21 March 2013

    Guntur-the city that's known for its pride and red hot chilli has entered the news for some good reasons yet another time. In terms of purchasing and selling products online, Guntur is standing in number one. We are not saying...

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    not safe, online markets, breast milk might lead to hiv, Online market

    Breast milk might lead to HIV! 18 June 2015

    “Breast milk that is ordered online is not safe, strictly put it off,” the scientists suggest. Many of the online markets that sell human breast milk suggest it to be a clean food, which can lead to gains in the...

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    Amazon, Google next, google all set for e commerce site, Online market

    Google All Set For E-Commerce Site 25 June 2018

    Google All Set For E-Commerce Site:- Google is undoubtedly the biggest search engine and tech giant. This internet giant is all set to compete with Amazon and Walmart across the Indian market. With e-commerce sites gaining good prominence and turning...

    Keywords: Google market, Google, Google portal, Google portal

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    viral, Future of Business, future of business is online, Online market

    Future of business is online 23 March 2012

    Many start ups would agree with me that online presence becomes very vital for surviving in business. The world a small global village is breaking barricades for small trades, with big differences. Most business globally has had their presence on...

    Keywords: Online strategic, online marketing, viral, Online strategic

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