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  • food retailers, Delhi Food and Supplies, don t panic government may ban onion exports, Onion prices

    Don't panic! Government may ban onion exports 14 August 2013

    In view of the soaring prices of onions in India, the Delhi government seeks to ban the commodity's export outside the country. Many are close to panicking as onion supply is considerably falling short of demand. A shortage of rain...

    Keywords: chief minister Sheila Dikshit, Onion prices, government to ban onion export, government to ban onion export

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    Onion prices, Inflation, inflation declines to 5 in january, Onion prices

    Inflation declines to 5% in January 14 February 2014

    Wholesale Inflation came down drastically to a seven month low of 5.05 percent in January compared to a rise of 6.16 per cent in December. Vegetables Inflation registered at 16.60 per cent, compared to 57.33 per cent in December however...

    Keywords: Inflation in January, Policy rate by RBI, Reserve Bank of India, Inflation

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    Onions get costlier, Onion prices soar further, costlier onions not wiping anyone s tears, Onion prices

    Costlier onions not wiping anyone's tears 17 September 2013

    Onions just got dearer. Many reasons have been blamed for the soaring prices of one of the most loved ingredients in everyone's curry. However, this curry is turning out to be a luxury. Latest reports indicate that onion prices have...

    Keywords: Latest onion price, Onion prices, fuel price, Onions get costlier

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    grade A onions, onion prices, onion prices fall steeply supply excess, Onion prices

    Onion prices fall steeply, supply excess 05 April 2013

    Only a month or two ago, prices of Onion were so dear that the restaurants were at losses and households decided to cut down the intake of the most essential ingredients of their food. The prices were soaring high at...

    Keywords: onion prices fall, onion prices fall, grade A onions, onion prices fall

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    Onion prices new updates, Onion prices, onion crisis in ap rocks state assembly, Onion prices

    Onion Crisis in AP Rocks State Assembly 09 December 2019

    Onion Crisis in AP Rocks State Assembly:- There has been a huge crisis for onions across the country and the common man has been suffering after the onion prices reached Rs 200 per kg. Selected outlets across the country have...

    Keywords: Onions in India, Onion prices news, Onion prices new updates, Onion prices latest

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    onion prices rise, no ban on onion export, no ban on onion export, Onion prices

    No ban on onion export 13 March 2013

    Onion prices are rising steeply and suddenly but the government says this is not linked to the exports that have been in place since long. They rather attributed the reasons to be linked to the unreasonable rains that closed the...

    Keywords: banning onion export, onion prices, onion export, onion prices

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    Onions Price today., Onion Farmers, farmers in tears as onion price crashes, Onion prices

    Farmers in tears as onion price crashes 30 January 2012

    Even as the onion farmers claim that there is no demand for their produce, arrival of huge quantities from neighbouring states has resulted in further fall of price of onions. Farmers, who sold one kg of onions at Rs.30 in...

    Keywords: Onion prices, Onion prices, Onion Farmers, Onion Farmers

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    onion as gifts, Tamil Nadu couple, after price rise tamil nadu couple gets onions as a wedding gift, Onion prices

    After Price Rise, Tamil Nadu Couple Gets Onions as a Wedding Gift 09 December 2019

    After Price Rise, Tamil Nadu Couple Gets Onions as a Wedding Gift:- A Tamil Nadu couple in Cuddalore received a bouquet of onions as a wedding gift from their friends. With the price of onions reaching an all-time high, the...

    Keywords: onion as gifts, onion prices, onions, onion as gifts

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    Onions, Onions in India, onion prices farmers did not gain anything, Onion prices

    Onion Prices: Farmers Did Not Gain Anything 03 December 2019

    Onion Prices: Farmers Did Not Gain Anything:- The prices of onions reached all-time high and the common man is struggling hard to buy onions that touched Rs 100 per kg. As per the latest update, the price is expected to...

    Keywords: Onion prices new updates, Onions in India, Onion prices updates, Onions in India

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