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  • , unha-3, nuclear warhead that travels across the globe, North korea

    Nuclear warhead that travels across the globe 24 December 2012

      Cloistered away in the Oriental seas, N.Korea has made a huge progress, probably disastrous, in the nuclear warhead technology, which still remains a dream for the West. A rocket launch in December, 2012 proved that N.Korea has not the...

    Keywords: 10, 10, 000km missile, united states

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    preventing outbreak of COVID-19 in North Korea, North Korea, kim jong un warns officials to assist with prevention of corona virus in north korea, North korea

    Kim Jong Un Warns Officials To Assist With Prevention Of Corona Virus In North Korea 29 February 2020

    Kim Jong Un Warns Officials To Assist With Prevention Of Corona Virus In North Korea:- North Korea has worked hard to prevent Corona Virus. Tourists are not permitted, flights and trains are not allowed to move and foreigners are in...

    Keywords: preventing outbreak of COVID-19 in North Korea, Corona Virus, North Korea, North Korea

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    kim jong-un birthday, Kim Jong-un, kim jong un distributes birthday candy to kids, North korea

    Kim Jong-un distributes Birthday Candy to kids 08 January 2013

    North Korea's leaders birthdays are a national holiday in the country but that is the not only reason why the people enjoy the day. Kim has been following a tradition started by his grandfather back in 1980 even before he...

    Keywords: Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-un, kim jong-un birthday

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    North Korea, Kim Jong, no more war games with south korea says donald trump, North korea

    No More War Games With South Korea Says Donald Trump 12 June 2018

    No More War Games With South Korea Says Donald Trump:- In a shocking move, US President Donald Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un joined hands in Singapore and the talks went on for five hours. After announcing nuclear war...

    Keywords: North Korea, Donald Trump new, Donald Trump updates, Kim Jong new

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    North Korea, military training, south korean troops shred to train in snow and ice, North korea

    South Korean Troops Shred to Train in Snow and Ice 23 January 2012

    Troops in the national army from south Korea have been managing their military preparation not completely naked in what can only be called particularly known as arctic temperatures. Infact here the military training applies for one and the other male and...

    Keywords: military training, south Korea, South Korean Troops, South Korean Troops

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    north korea, workers party, n korea says nukes are its life, North korea

    N Korea says nukes are its life 01 April 2013

    On Sunday, a warning message was released in a statement by a major decision-making department of North Korea, in which it said that the nation honors the nuclear weapons to be the life of the nation. It further added that...

    Keywords: US-South Korea, Kim-Jong-Un, state of war, state of war

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    stealth fighter jets, stealth fighter jets, u s deploys f 22 raptors against north korea, North korea

    U.S deploys F-22 Raptors against North Korea 13 April 2013

    The US military has deployed F-22 Raptor stealth fighter jets against North Korea and kept it on standby to strike in any moment if DRPK intrudes into South Korean space. The jets were reportedly flown out of the US air...

    Keywords: warlike situation in korean peninsula, warlike situation in korean peninsula, warlike situation in korean peninsula, drpk air force

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    weird korean findings, korean war, the hermit kingdom finds secret unicorn, North korea

    The Hermit Kingdom finds secret Unicorn ..! 01 December 2012

    When it comes to show eccentricity, no other country even comes close to North Korea, the official Hermit Kingdom of the world. With all the tale tell signs of being really bizarre , the most censored place on the planet...

    Keywords: bizarre discoveries, weird korean findings, kim jon ii, hermit kingdom

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    Kim Jong-un news, Kim Jong-un latest, trump calls meeting kim really fantastic, North korea

    Trump Calls Meeting Kim Really Fantastic 12 June 2018

    Trump Calls Meeting Kim Really Fantastic:- Leaving the whole world in surprise, United States President Donald Trump had a one-on-one meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. He called the meeting very very good and really fantastic. The much awaited...

    Keywords: Donald Trump new, Donald Trump updates, Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un news

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    un council, un security council, us warns n korea after nuclear testing, North korea

    US warns N Korea after nuclear testing 16 February 2013

    United States on Friday clearly sent a warning to North Korea asking it not to continue the nuclear testing or such provocative steps. There were reports from some intelligence that there was a launchpad being readied for a long range...

    Keywords: long range missile, korea nuclear tests, pyongyang, korea nuclear tests

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    Mary Kom, Ho Chi Minh City, mary kom bags gold at asian women s boxing championships, North korea

    Mary Kom Bags Gold At Asian Women’s Boxing Championships 08 November 2017

    Mary Kom Bags Gold At Asian Women’s Boxing Championships:- The five-time world champion and Olympic bronze-medallist Indian, MC Mary Kom (48kg) bagged her fifth gold medal at the Asian Women’s Boxing Championships. The 35-year old Mary Kom had won a...

    Keywords: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, Mary Kom

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    syria-turkey border, congo-rwanda border, where the no man s land became killing fields top five hostile borders, North korea

    Where the no-man's-land became killing fields; Top five hostile borders 22 November 2012

    Since the inception of humankind, the conflicts among states regarding border issues have played an extremely critical role in shaping up the the bloody events of the history. This has been the greatest misfortune that we are inheriting from a...

    Keywords: pakistan-afghanistan border, most hostile borders, dangerous borders, most hostile borders

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    North Korea, warning shots, warning shots fired at the yellow sea border, North korea

    Warning shots fired at the Yellow Sea border 21 September 2012

    The Navy of the South Korea had fired warning shots after the fishing vessels belonging to North Korea had ventured beyond the disputed border of the Yellow Sea, the ministry mentioned. Soon after all the six North Korean boats in...

    Keywords: warning shots, , warning shots,

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    pyongyang, defense minister, entire country wishes to see modi as pm kishan reddy, North korea

    Entire country wishes to see Modi as PM: Kishan Reddy 08 April 2013

    BJP state president Kishan Reddy has said that the entire country was wishing Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi to become the prime minister of our country. He has also said that it was the need of the hour to oppose...

    Keywords: pyongyang, North Korea, defense minister, Musudan

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    south korea, seoul, n korea loads two missiles on launchers, North korea

    N Korea loads two missiles on launchers 06 April 2013

    While the tensions are rising in the USA over the nuclear strike that is imminent as proclaimed by the North Korea, reports suggest that the oriental nation has already moved another of its mid range missile to the east coast...

    Keywords: Jay Carney, North Korea, seoul, south korea

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    Kim Jong Un heart attack, Kim Jong Un news, north korea media silent about kim jong un s health, North korea

    North Korea Media Silent About Kim Jong Un's Health 22 April 2020

    North Korea Media Silent About Kim Jong Un's Health:- There are wide speculations about the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. This turned out to be a hot topic across the globe. The officials of US Intelligence, South...

    Keywords: Kim Jong Un heart attack, Kim Jong Un rumors, Kim Jong Un health, Kim Jong Un heart attack

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    all necessary precautions, prudent measures, will n korea really strike usa, North korea

    Will N Korea really strike USA? 05 April 2013

    Tensions between North Korea and USA are still escalating after the Oriental nation has moved the missile with the nuclear warhead containing plutonium to the eastern coasts. The missile is reportedly mid-range and USA was making sure that the missiles...

    Keywords: white house, prudent measures, North Korea, south korea

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    north korea, nulcear test, north korea plans another nuclear test, North korea

    North Korea plans another nuclear test 08 April 2013

    With the North Korean atomic sites being active with patterns of work similar to the ones that were registered before the atomic tests, a South Korean government official mentioned that the nation is yet again preparing to test-launch another missile...

    Keywords: atomic test site, north korea, pyongyang, north korea

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    World news, North Korea, man made earthquake in north korea triggers atomic bomb fears, North korea

    Man made earthquake in North Korea triggers atomic bomb fears 06 January 2016

    A hydrogen bomb test is successfully conducted in North Korea, capital city Pyongyang reports confirmed.  After it got exploded at 10am today at the Punggye-ri test site in the north east of the country, the thermonuclear weapon triggered a 5.1...

    Keywords: World news, World news, earthquake in North Korea, World news

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    Pyongyang sets peace talk conditions, north korea on peace talks, the hermit kingdom chooses diplomacy over war, North korea

    The Hermit Kingdom Chooses Diplomacy over War 19 April 2013

    After the long standing war threat, troop mobilization and the involvement of US navy seventh fleet, now the tensions in the Korean peninsula seems to have cooled down a bit as North Korea for the first time talked about peace...

    Keywords: usmc, cold war, military standoff between north and south korea, north korea on peace talks

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