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    Jealousy can be Important to Strengthen Friendships and Relationships 18 August 2020

    Jealousy can be Important to Strengthen Friendships and Relationships:- A new study revealed that feeling jealousy can be a tool to strengthen your friendship and relationship. Motivated behaviors come from jealousy and are related to the value of friendship. The...

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    jealousy, kind of mindset, how to handle jealousy, Jealousy

    How to handle Jealousy.. 01 April 2013

    Right from 'puraanaas' to people around us, irrespective of the life style, education and the behavioral traits, may be at the work place or at home amongst our loved ones itself, may be in a reality show or in a...

    Keywords: peaceful life, different lifestyles, peaceful life, positive living

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    Shahid Kapoor, Marriage, shahid green with jealousy, Jealousy

    Shahid green with jealousy? 17 October 2012

    After the marriage of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor whom he dated earlier, Shahid Kapoor whose film career has come to a standstill recently has visited the newly weds and congratulated them. He wished them a happy married life...

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    wife jealousy, viral videos, wife s jealousy is inevitable sometimes, Jealousy

    Wife’s jealousy is inevitable sometimes 19 December 2015

    If you ever want to test your girl’s love, the best idea is to make her jealous. But that jealous, sometimes goes extremes, which may even lead to several problems between the couple. Here is one such case. The man...

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    Marriage And Relationship, Ways To Stop Jealousy In Relationship, how to stop jealousy from affecting your relationship, Jealousy

    How To Stop Jealousy From Affecting Your Relationship? 31 October 2017

    How To Stop Jealousy From Affecting Your Relationship?:- Well, let us start by saying that jealousy is not always as bad as it is perceived to be. It is only human to feel jealous at times. However, when jealousy slowly...

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    our age of social media, Divorce Detox founders, the appropriateness of your relationship with your ex, Jealousy

    The appropriateness of your relationship with your ex? 23 November 2011

    In our age of social media, it can be easier than ever to stay in touch with your ex, long after you break up. But what about a real life friendship with an ex from not so long ago? After...

    Keywords: our age of social media, you define first friend, you define first friend, real life friendship

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    love, negative feelings, deal with negative feelings, Jealousy

    Deal with negative feelings 27 June 2013

    Number of negative emotional feelings are related to fear at the same time all positive ones are related to love, thus, doubt, anger, envy, vengeance, shame and jealousy are a form of fear on the other hand, trust, compassion, joy,...

    Keywords: vengeance, deal with negative feelings, doubt, shame and jealousy

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    parents expose, parents expose, do parents expose their children to gender stereotype, Jealousy

    Do Parents Expose Their Children To Gender Stereotype 25 January 2012

    Well this is probably something, the moment we read we can identify with. We may not have grown up thinking it this way, but we all know society as well as parents, your own families teach you the difference between...

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