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    Irom Sharmila Suffers Huge Defeat: Slams Voters 11 March 2017

    The counting of votes in Manipur started today after the completion of the Assembly elections. The state is lead by Congress and Okram Ibobi Singh is the Chief Minister of the state. The party has been ruling the state since...

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    Irom Sharmila Marriage, Desmond Coutinhoon, manipur s iron lady irom sharmila to enter into a wedlock soon, Irom sharmila

    Manipur’s “Iron Lady” Irom Sharmila To Enter Into A Wedlock Soon? 13 July 2017

    Manipur’s “Iron Lady” Irom Sharmila To Enter Into A Wedlock Soon?:- We have some good news for those who support the “Iron Lady of Manipur” and activist-turned-politician, Irom Sharmila (45). The news is that she will soon get married to...

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