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  • Heat wave, AP, delay in monsoon heatwave continues, Heat wave in ap

    Delay in monsoon, Heatwave continues 01 June 2015

    There is no fall in the heat wave in both the Telugu states. The death toll continues to rise further in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.According to the reports, the death toll showed 45 more deaths in both the Telugu states....

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    Khammam district, Apathbandhu Scheme, sunstroke toll today reaches 130, Heat wave in ap

    Sunstroke toll today reaches 130 25 May 2013

    So far today 130 persons lost their lives due to heat waves in the State.  Yesterday a record death of 293 was reported in the State due to heat waves.  Khammam district especially coal belt area went to a record...

    Keywords: Apathbandhu Scheme, drink water frequently, Khammam district, umbrellas

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    20 deaths due to sunstroke, Meteorological department warned, ap under heat waves toll 20, Heat wave in ap

    AP under heat waves toll 20 24 May 2013

    The State boiling with unbearable heat for the last three days touched 47.50 Celsius yesterday.  20 deaths due to sunstroke were reported yesterday mostly from Telangana and Coastal areas.  Children and old became prey for the heat waves.  The temperature...

    Keywords: Meteorological department warned, Khammam District, proper care and safety measures, last three days touched 47.50 Celsius

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    T agitation, TRS, scorching sun adversely affects t stir, Heat wave in ap

    Scorching Sun adversely affects T stir 20 May 2011

    The Dharna programme organized by the TRS across Telangana as part of its third phase of Telangana agitation evoked poor response in the last two days from its cadres due the continuing heat wave in all the districts. The districts of...

    Keywords: KCR, TRS, KCR, heat wave

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    Summer Holidays, K Chandrasekhar Rao, telangana cm kcr directs summer holidays of schools to start from today, Heat wave in ap

    Telangana CM KCR Directs Summer Holidays Of Schools To Start From Today 19 April 2017

    The Telangana Chief Minister, Mr. K. Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR), has directed that the summer holidays of schools should start from today. KCR declared in view of the heavy heat in many parts of the State, five days ahead of schedule....

    Keywords: Summer Holidays, K Chandrasekhar Rao, Summer Holidays, Summer Holidays

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    Heat wave in AP news, Heat wave in AP updates, heat wave in ap half day schools extended, Heat wave in ap

    Heat Wave in AP: Half Day Schools Extended 17 June 2019

    Heat Wave in AP: Half Day Schools Extended:- Though the monsoon season has hit the Kerala coast, it is yet to reach the neighbouring states. With the heat wave still on, the Andhra Pradesh Government decided to extend the half...

    Keywords: Heat wave in AP, half days for AP schools, Heat wave in AP latest, half days for AP schools

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    sunstroke symptoms, sunstroke, heat wave toll reaches 524, Heat wave in ap

    Heat wave toll reaches 524 27 May 2013

    In the last three days the scorching sun has reached such intensity that it could manage to suck the life out of at least 440 people taking the total death toll due to the heat wave to 524 in the...

    Keywords: sunstroke symptoms, bpl, sunstroke deaths, disaster management commissioner

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    Deaths in Summer, Summer, death toll rises in telugu states due to the heat wave, Heat wave in ap

    Death toll rises in Telugu states due to the heat wave 28 May 2015

    There is no fall in the deaths in the country. The heat wave is still sweeping away many people all around, especially Telugu states.As per the latest reports, there are 1020 deaths in Andhra Pradesh alone and 340 in Telangana...

    Keywords: Telangana, AP, Telangana, Telangana

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    Summer, Summer, heat waves kills 100 more in telangana and andhra pradesh states, Heat wave in ap

    Heat Waves kills 100 more in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh States 26 May 2015

    Heat Waves in this burning hot Summer kills 100 more in Andhra Pradesh and in Telangana on Monday, as the two states continued to reel under temperatures above forty. The waves increased like wildfire and took away as many as...

    Keywords: Telangana, Summer, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana

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    AP, Summer deaths, heat wave kills 1100 people across the country, Heat wave in ap

    Heat wave kills 1100 people across the country 27 May 2015

    The heat wave has killed more than 1100 people across the country over the past two weeks. Both the Telugu states which are of no exception, had to bear the high temperatures which resulted in numerous deaths.852 deaths in AP,...

    Keywords: Telangana, Summer effect in Telugu states, Telangana, Telangana

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    heat wave deaths, heat wave deaths, cold waves three times to hot ones, Heat wave in ap

    Cold waves three times to hot ones 29 May 2013

    About 1000 deaths are reported due to hot waves in the State. The families of those deceased because of the never seen before heat in the State were announced for their entitlement for the ex-gratia of Rs.50000/- by the State...

    Keywords: hot waves death, sun stroke, hot waves death, hot waves death

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    sudden winds and rains, GHMC office in Hyderabad, after heat it is wind now, Heat wave in ap

    After heat it is wind now 29 May 2013

    After the heat waves it is the turn of the wind blowing and rain to disrupt normal life in the State. A huge tree in front of GHMC office in Hyderabad fell down due to wind and some two wheelers...

    Keywords: due to wind, pollution, Nature, traffic jams

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