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    Too much of akin/scalp dryness 22 February 2013

    Are you facing too much of skin dryness? Irrespective of using best of shampoos, does your scalp is porn to dandruff? It is not just your life style, beauty care routine and eating habits that count but also a simple...

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    hair split ends, curd hairstyle, treat split ends naturally, Head bath

    Treat split ends naturally 18 December 2012

    Split ends... the biggest problem that affects your hair's beauty and leads to hair dullness, hair loss... you might have tried everything to treat split ends and might have also gone for hair cut... why don't you try these out???...

    Keywords: hair damage, head bath, curd hairstyle, hair split ends

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    use shampoo everyday, zinc pyrithion, anti dandruff shampoos, Head bath

    Anti-Dandruff shampoos 23 March 2013

    If you are suffering from minor topical diseases that are fungal in nature, there is an easy way to steer clear of them or prevent them from worsening. Use anti-dandruff shampoos. Anti-Dandruff shampoos mostly have Zinc Pyrithion or Selenium Sulfide...

    Keywords: zinc pyrithion, zinc pyrithion, zinc pyrithion, fungal infection

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