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  • goal setting, self control, self discipline so very tough, Goal setting

    Self - discipline... so very tough? 07 January 2013

    Self-discipline... the term itself seems to appear to be very rigid and tough... but, this is just an illusion. The importance of self-discipline in your life will definitely change you for a better. We generally possess these illusions as soon...

    Keywords: self control, self control, personality development, self discipline

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    self confidence, temptation, bad temper hold it, Goal setting

    Bad temper? Hold it... 04 January 2013

    Bad temper? This is what most of us posses... thanks to the stress filled life style of us today, regardless to our working status or financial status, we all are porn to stress and so to bad temper... but, have...

    Keywords: troubles, temptation, physical health, goal setting

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    life partner selection, goal setting tips., the power of today, Goal setting

    The Power of Today! 19 December 2011

    ‘Yesterday, all day long, I was doing nothing much, rather than thinking ‘What Next?’… Might because yesterday is a Sunday and generally that Sunday Syndrome of being numb was ruling me… thinking about too many things that are related to...

    Keywords: career plans, career plans, career plans, couples pub party

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    Career Options, good cloths selection., check your look, Goal setting

    Check your look! 23 March 2012

    Change is the only aspect that is constant in life… as and when demanded, we change or transform our life, relations, career option or even the working style of us, then why not change our look? Why cannot we go...

    Keywords: tips for Goal setting, Fashion tips, good cloths selection., good cloths selection.

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    Purpose of life, Goal and Purpose, difference between goal and your purpose, Goal setting

    Difference Between Goal and Your Purpose 02 May 2012

    There is absolutely no reason why we cannot set our goals which one would like to achieve over a certain period of time. There are really two types of goals that we can inspire after. The first for example we...

    Keywords: Personality development, Tips for Goal Setting, Goal and Purpose, Purpose of life

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    lifestyle life style, Purpose of Life, live for a purpose live in today, Goal setting

    Live for a purpose… live in today! 10 April 2012

    Someone rightly said, ‘Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery… only today is in you’… let us precise the last statement even more and say ‘NOW’ is in your hands and live ‘NOW’ first along with planning towards tomorrow… here...

    Keywords: Purpose of Life, Purpose of Life, goal setting tips, women lifestyle today

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    relationship, modern lifestyle, trust the magic that changes your life, Goal setting

    'trust'... the magic that changes your life 18 February 2013

    Trust... a magical word that really creates the magic when each and every letter in this word is believed to be happening to the core. Not many know trust has a power of making impossible turn possible. But, the trust...

    Keywords: partners, parents, relationship, healthy lifestyle

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    women lifestyle, , the never ending question in life, Goal setting

    The never ending Question in ‘Life’! 06 December 2011

    Despite a complete clarity of what we have to be in life, what is our passion that drives us towards the success of life, what we like and dislike, what is right or wrong, for that matter, each and every...

    Keywords: womens beauty tips, tips of the day, fashion tips, women lifestyle

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    Vision Plan, Goal Setting, how to make your vision a reality, Goal setting

    How to Make Your Vision a Reality? 13 March 2012

    What vision have you spent years talking about but never accomplished? You may have wasted valuable time saying, "One day I am going start my own business, next month I will start a savings plan or next year I am...

    Keywords: Clear Plan, Reality, Clear Plan, Goal Setting

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    Career development, Purpose of life., how to know what you want, Goal setting

    How to know what you want! 06 March 2012

    Well, one of the best reasons is to ask yourself what you want to do and be in your life. But, there would be definitely certain situations or for that matter a phase in your life, where you yourself are...

    Keywords: Life goal setting, Life goal setting, Life goal setting, career decission

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    goal setting tips, Personality Development, live the full life, Goal setting

    Live the full life.. 24 April 2012

    The process of living the full life, where total functionality becomes us, is no place for shrinking; where we will, as a matter of course, shrink from time to time. But from shrinking, upon the courage to be, we will...

    Keywords: goal setting tips, Modern life, lifestyle today, tips for confidence

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    life goals and ambhitions, priortization of goals, prioritization of personal goals, Goal setting

    Prioritization of Personal Goals 30 November 2011

    Every day a person does various kinds of affairs and wastes efforts and resources, but not everybody realizes the essence of it. Everything is done to meet his/her own needs and achieve the goals. Goal is a desirable result and...

    Keywords: Personal goal setting, priortization of goals, Personal goal setting, tips for goal setting

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    mistakes, future plans, live life king size, Goal setting

    live life 'King size'! 27 November 2012

    Wouldn't it be great if there were a simple set of instructions for living a happy and fulfilled life? How about an instruction manual for life? Something along the lines of "Enjoy childhood, Explore young adulthood, Engage in a rewarding career,...

    Keywords: childhood, future plans, childhood, enjoy life

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