• Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, hillary clinton s campaign confirmed yet another cyber attack, Democrats

    Hillary Clinton's campaign confirmed, yet another cyber attack 30 July 2016

    US Democrats said that they had been targeted by yet another cyber attack, while Hillary Clinton's campaign confirmed that an analytics program it used was breached in an earlier intrusion. A hack on Democratic National Committee servers resulted in last...

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    Democrats, Democratic National Convention, sanders loyalists took to the street against clinton s nomination, Democrats

    Sanders loyalists took to the street against Clinton’s nomination 27 July 2016

    Bernie Sanders loyalists protested inside and outside the Democratic National Convention site and clashed with police after Hillary Clinton won the party’s presidential nomination. "This was not a convention. This was a four-day Hillary party. And we weren't welcome," said...

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    American President, Democrats, hillary clinton to announce presidential run, Democrats

    Hillary Clinton to announce presidential run 10 April 2015

    Hillary Clinton is expected to announce her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016 as early as this weekend, facing no substantial competition. Clinton is likely to make her intentions known through a social media announcement followed by campaign...

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    American presidential elections, American presidential elections, barack obama endorses clinton, Democrats

    Barack Obama endorses Clinton 28 July 2016

    US President Barack Obama urged Democrats to carry onetime rival Hillary Clinton to victory in November as America's first woman president, while savaging her Republican opponent Donald Trump for fueling hate and division. Obama offered a comprehensive endorsement of his...

    Keywords: American presidential elections, Democrats, Barack Obama, Democrats

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    Hillary Clinton, American elections, chanakya the fish predicts american elections, Democrats

    Chanakya the fish predicts American elections 08 November 2016

    Its election fever everywhere. American election has for the first time became the most discussed one. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, both in the race neck to neck. It is predictions galore! Every media is flooded with prediction, not just...

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    Republicans, Republicans, donald trump accepted nomination for us presidential run, Democrats

    Donald Trump accepted nomination for US presidential run 22 July 2016

    Donald Trump has completed the greatest step in his improbable rise, by accepting the GOP nomination to face Clinton, the former first lady, senator and secretary of state. Trump pledged to the cheering Republicans and still-skeptical voters, that as president...

    Keywords: Donald Trump, Democrats, Hillary Clinton, Democrats

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    Romney, Romney, congratulations obama re elected 274 electoral votes, Democrats

    CONGRATULATIONS OBAMA, Re-elected 274+ electoral votes 07 November 2012

    Fox News has projected that with the lead Barrack Obama has secured today with the decision making majority over Mitt Romney in the Ohio battleground, President Obama is almost sure to win the presidential elections this year. Soon after his...

    Keywords: presidential elections, barrack obama wins, barrack obama wins, Romney

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    US presidential elections, US presidential elections, donald trump not eligible to be us president clinton, Democrats

    Donald Trump not eligible to be US President - Clinton 19 July 2016

    While Addressing the NAACP National Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio, the State which is hosting the Republican convention, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has alleged that Donald Trump is unfit to become the US president as he "demeans" women, plays coy...

    Keywords: US presidential elections, Republicans, Democrats, Hillary clinton

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    democrats, , obama ahead at the end of presidential debates, Democrats

    Obama ahead at the end of Presidential debates 23 October 2012

    Barack Obama stood ahead of the third and the final presidential debate, which was held today against republican Mitt Romney. In the third presidential debate Barack Obama promised the people that as long as he was in the power he...

    Keywords: republicans, 3rd presidential debate, mitt romney, barack obama

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    Jokes, Politics Jokes, republicans and democrats, Democrats

    Republicans and Democrats 20 August 2015

    A Republican and a Democrat were walking down the street when they came to a homeless person. The Republican gave the homeless person his business card and told him to come to his business for a job. He then took...

    Keywords: Politics Jokes, Politics Jokes, Politics Jokes, Politics Jokes

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    Marco Rubio, Republicans, major immigration reforms are no longer a political possibility, Democrats

    Major immigration reforms, are no longer a political possibility 20 April 2015

    Marco Rubio once backed an overhaul of U.S. immigration laws, but now says, such major reforms are no longer a political possibility. "We can't do it in a massive piece of legislation. And I know, 'cause I tried," the Florida...

    Keywords: Claire McCaskill, Marco Rubio, Claire McCaskill, Marco Rubio

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    Obama, obama wins ohio, with ohio win obama wins us elections with 274 votes congratulations, Democrats

    With OHIO win OBAMA wins US Elections with 274+ votes Congratulations 07 November 2012

    Fox News has projected that with the lead Barrack Obama has secured today with the decision making majority over Mitt Romney in the Ohio battleground, President Obama is almost sure to win the presidential elections this year. Soon after his...

    Keywords: re-election, obama wins us elections, re-election, Barrack obama

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