• anushka video, damarukam, change in movie release dates bugs people, Bugs

    Change in movie release dates bugs people 08 November 2012

    Many movie releases are getting postponed either due to budget issues or something else. People seemed to be bugged up with the release dates and reports indicated that they were so confused as to purchase a movie ticket online or...

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    stress reliever, Kissing, benefits of kissing you must know, Bugs

    Benefits of Kissing You Must Know 01 May 2012

    A good smooch can end a fight, relieve stress, strengthen your bond. Lean right: About two-thirds of all humans, male and female, left- and right- handed, tilt their heads to the right when kissing. End a fight: Men think that...

    Keywords: about Kissing, about Kissing, stress reliever, good kiss

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    wardrobe and insects, wardrobe care, how to disinfect wardrobe, Bugs

    How to disinfect wardrobe? 27 June 2014

    All sorts of bugs may find their way in your wardrobe, find out ways to annihilate them. Your favourite clothes can meet an untimely destruction no thanks to creepy crawlies or insects who like the wooden wardrobe too much. But...

    Keywords: wardrobe and insects, wardrobe care, lifestyle news, Insects

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    Apple, Android, after apple and skype bugs samsung bug now fears millions of android users, Bugs

    After Apple and Skype bugs, Samsung bug now fears millions of Android users 18 June 2015

    Just days after Apple bug and skype bug feared the mobile users enough, a new Samsung keyboard bug worries millions of android users worldwide. According to the NowSecure, a loophole in Samung’s Android keyboard installed on over 600m devices is...

    Keywords: Samsung, Apple, Apple, Samsung

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    WhatsApp press notes, WhatsApp latest, user data not affected by malicious mp4 file bug says whatsapp, Bugs

    User Data Not Affected by Malicious MP4 File Bug Says WhatsApp 18 November 2019

    User Data Not Affected by Malicious MP4 File Bug Says WhatsApp:- WhatsApp today confirmed that the user data was not affected due to the malicious MP4 file bug which left the world worried. There was a bug when WhatsApp was...

    Keywords: WhatsApp, WhatsApp news, WhatsApp breaking news, WhatsApp latest

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    Finding Critical Bug, Hindusthan Institute Of Technology, jackpot to facebook whistle blower, Bugs

    Jackpot to Facebook whistle blower 03 September 2013

    He's just 21 and he's an Indian. This engineer bagged a jackpot amount for exposing a Facebook bug. Arul Kumar has bagged a whopping $12,500 ( Rs 8,25,000 ) bounty from Facebook for reporting a critical bug that allowed anyone...

    Keywords: Facebook Bounty, Finding Critical Bug, engineer bagged a jackpot amount, Bounty From Facebook

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    security vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, Google publishes Microsoft bugs, google exposes microsoft s bug again, Bugs

    Google exposes Microsoft's bug again! 19 January 2015

    Internet giant, Google has once again exposed the bugs in Microsoft's Windows 7 and 8.1 operating system that it found while examining under its 'Project Zero.' The Redmond giant has been informed regarding the security vulnerabilities and is expected to...

    Keywords: Microsoft, Google Project Zero, security vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, Google

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    Mallika Sherawat, Sonam Kapoor, mallika s bare back attracts shutterbugs, Bugs

    Mallika's bare back attracts shutterbugs 22 May 2012

    Controversial queen Mallika Sherawat has hogged the limelight and turned the shutterbugs at red carpet in Cannes towards her by exposing her bare back.  Yes, the look was simple, yet sexy! Mallika Sherawat’s third appearance at Cannes seems to be...

    Keywords: Mallika Sherawat, Mallika Sherawat, Mallika Sherawat, Mallika Sherawat

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