• Larry Ellison, George Soros, bill gates tops this year s forbes list, Buffet

    Bill Gates tops this year's Forbes list 22 September 2011

    Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates maintained his spot atop the list of richest people. Bill Gates tops Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans for the 18th year in a row with a net worth calculated at $ 59...

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    Rajaratnam, rajat gupta trial criminal charges, rajat gupta rajaratnam had animosity defence lawyer, Buffet

    Rajat Gupta, Rajaratnam had animosity: Defence lawyer 03 March 2012

    The defence team of Goldman Sachs Group’s Indian American director Rajat Gupta, accused of insider trading, is seeking material to show “animosity” between Gupta and convicted hedge fund billionaire Raj Rajaratnam. Gupta’s poor relationship with Rajaratnam, the Galleon Group co-founder...

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    birthday, housewarming, how to behave at buffets, Buffet

    How to behave at Buffets 12 June 2015

    Now-a-days in all functions, whether it is a marriage, housewarming or birthday, the feast is always arranged as a buffet. Many get confused on how to indulge in the buffet system. Elder generation considers buffet as an insult where one...

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