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  • Marriage counseling, bride groom refused, marriage counseling by police, Arranged marriage

    Marriage counseling by Police 30 May 2013

    Today a marriage was disrupted by a phone call.   An arranged marriage that was to take place in Jyothinagar, Godavarikhani in Karimnagar district was stopped due to a phone call received by the bride groom that he is in love...

    Keywords: arranged marriage, bride groom refused, Godavarikhani in Karimnagar district, phone call

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    Shree Ganesh Pooja, , the culture of arranged marriages in india, Arranged marriage

    The Culture of Arranged Marriages in India 14 August 2012

    The ceremony marks the culmination of the marriage process. During the ceremony gods are worshipped and rituals performed to bless the couple who are getting married. As is typical in Indian culture, there is no well-defined or 'correct' procedure for...

    Keywords: Hindu ceremony, Culture of Arranged Marriages, Indian culture, Arrival of the Baraat

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    husband married off his wife, arranged marriage, kanyadanam comes real, Arranged marriage

    "Kanyadanam" comes real 11 September 2012

    In an unusual incident, a husband has married off his wife to her lover. So far such episodes used to take place only in cinemas and now the noble husband has proved that real life incidents are inspirations for film...

    Keywords: husband married off his wife, love marriage, love marriage, arranged marriage

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    weddings in India, Arranged marriages India, video truth behind arranged marriage, Arranged marriage

    Video: Truth behind 'Arranged marriage' 25 October 2014

    The word 'Arranged marriage' means two strangers coming together for the first time and for the rest of the life, they will go hand-in-hand. This is still a tradition that most of the Indians follow [of course, they are love...

    Keywords: Arranged marriage, Arranged marriages India, Arranged marriages India, Arranged marriage

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    Meet them, Meet them, how to make his family love you, Arranged marriage

    How To Make His Family Love You? 04 October 2012

    When you decide to get married, all the attempts to win over his family members begin. Be it love or arranged marriage, the woman who will be the new member in the family starts working hard to win the hearts...

    Keywords: you remember their likes and dislikes, arranged marriage, family love, you remember their likes and dislikes

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    shy partners in a relationship, Love and Relationship News, how to deal with shy partners, Arranged marriage

    How to deal with Shy partners 10 April 2014

    It is very difficult to deal with shy partners in a relationship. Especially in arranged marriage, if a person is reserved and shy to talk much, it will he hectic task and they might take lot of time to gel...

    Keywords: relationship, Love, reserved person, deal with Shy partners

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    Aishwarya Rai, Abhisheik Bacchan, sallu bhai bumper offer to girls, Arranged marriage

    Sallu Bhai bumper offer to girls 02 July 2015

    Salman Khan marriage. The one topic that has not yet found an answer since long. But it seems the answer is out now.Yes, Sallu Bhai has reacted positively towards his marriage, saying that, he is open to consider a girl,...

    Keywords: Katrina Kaif, Katrina Kaif, Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif

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    arranged marriage work, arranged marriage work, make your arranged marriage work, Arranged marriage

    Make your arranged marriage work 17 October 2012

    Match, set, go... easier said than done. Here we list tips on ways to understand your partner better They say marriages are made in heaven. But then, there are also those made here on earth. Though an arranged marriage may...

    Keywords: , Never complain, understand your partner better, Pre-marital jitters

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    arranged marriage., women lifestyle, vexed up with ex, Arranged marriage

    Vexed up with ‘Ex’? 15 December 2011

    Who does not make mistakes in life? So did we by being in a relationship with that wrong person who is perfectly not suited to our life and mind set. After realizing the same, we chose to part ways with...

    Keywords: marriage life tips, best couple ever, women lifestyle, best couple ever

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    wife and husband marriage, tips for women, the other side of the coin, Arranged marriage

    The other side of the Coin! 26 November 2011

    ‘By chance either you or I get to know atleast a person known to us is in an extra marital affair, that’s it… this would be the topic of the day or sometimes even for a week. We end up...

    Keywords: tips for women, new couple divorce, how to select lifepartner, women lifestyle today

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    motherhood, romance, building peace into the marital relationship, Arranged marriage

    Building Peace into the Marital Relationship.. 01 April 2013

    Building a relationship and giving a marital status for our 'love' has become not so difficult these days... thanks to the rapport between parents and children that is increasing day by day, when children let out about their 'love' to...

    Keywords: marriage, building relationship, building relationship, marriage

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