Sleep Quality is more important than Quantity

March 21, 2022 17:47
Sleep Quality is more important than Quantity

Sleep Quality is more important than Quantity:- As per the research team from the UC San Francisco, people who have genes to sleep at an efficient time window get more quality sleep. The study has been published in the journal Science. Everyone needs eight hours of sleep and the sleep nature depends on the genetics. Louis Ptacek, MD, one of the senior authors on the study revealed the research. The research took place for a decade. The study tested Fu's hypothesis that can be shielded against neurodegenerative disease. All those who have less sleep can accelerate neurodegeneration. The brain also accomplishes the sleep tasks in a short time.

The experiments are conducted on mice with a short sleep gene and it was concluded that their brains developed much less of aggregates that are associated with dementia. The experiments are repeated on mice and the results have been similar. Fu and Ptacek said that the investigations are similar and they depended on the brain conditions. Sleep problems are related to brain as sleep is a complex activity. When the parts of the brain are damaged, it is hard to sleep or get some quality sleep. Improving the sleep in healthy people will improve their well being and quality of time.

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