Tips to tackle Mask Acne

August 03, 2021 18:06
Tips to tackle Mask Acne

Tips to tackle Mask Acne:- Stress and pollution are the major threats for people who are busy with their everyday life. Facemasks are now made compulsory to battle coronavirus pandemic and the facemask turned out to be a concern for skincare. The friction between the skin and the facemask leads to irritation, itchiness, redness and dry skin. The perspiration would lie under the mask and creates a moist environment because of the breath. This can lead to clogged pores, mask acne and tiny bumps on the face. Here are some tips to tackle the mask acne:

The cloth masks (reusable) should be washed frequently after use. The bacteria after using the mask for a day will cling to the mask. If the face masks are not washed properly, the masks will reintroduce the bacteria onto the skin. This creates irritation on the skin. Also, select masks that have an inner lining of cotton rather than fabric or polyester. Wash your hands completely after you dispose of the mask. Moisturize your skin well as it turns out itchy after a day of wearing a mask. Moisturizing will replenish the epidermal water loss and it also gives a boost to the skin. Try to moisturize your skin twice a day.

Avoid using makeup underneath the mask. Acne leads to treatment and the treatment serums will have exfoliants and retinoids. Instead of heading for such extremes prefer simple cleansing and moisturizing sunscreen routine. Avoid popping and touching the pimples. Apart from this, mental health is completely important and this can even impact your skin. Stress and anxiety can even lead to acne and even maskne. Participate in meditation and other activities to calm your mind.

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