All about Tuberculosis and its Treatment

March 29, 2021 19:22
All about Tuberculosis and its Treatment

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All about Tuberculosis and its Treatment:- Tuberculosis which is popularly called TB is an infectious disease that impacts the lungs. The bacteria from an infected person can be carried to the other through sneezing or coughing. It is quite important to diagnose TB through medical attention. Here are some tips on how to treat Tuberculosis on time:

Tuberculosis happens because of the bacteria named Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. Apart from lungs, Tuberculosis can also take a toll on the brain, kidneys, bones, bowels and lymph glands. As per the reports from the Indian TB Report, it is said that 79,144 people passed away in the year 2019 due to the deadly disease. The incidence rate is 193 per 1 lakh population. The total number of estimated cases are said to be 26,40,000 and it is always essential to trace the disease at an early age and take the treatment accordingly. The common symptoms are fatigue, loss of appetite, fever, cough, night sweating and cough with blood.

This can be mild for a few months and can be increased on daily basis. The risk of spreading the infection would be huge if the treatment is delayed. Tuberculosis diagnosis can be done through the sample of mucous. The patient will be asked to go for sputum sample testing and X-ray, blood test. Tuberculosis can be cured through the drug combination for six months. The bacteria will turn stronger if the course of medicine is not followed and it will have a toll on the other body organs.

Multi-drug resistant TB (MDRTB) is a form of Tuberculosis and the treatment for this type are limited and are expensive. If the symptoms are not visible, it is called Latent TB. It is advisable to get treated for a short period to stop the infection. Across the globe, 10 million new Tuberculosis cases are reported in 2010 and 1.2 million people passed away.

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