Risk For Coronavirus Transmission May Cut Through Daily Mouthwash

August 13, 2020 18:49
Risk For Coronavirus Transmission May Cut Through Daily Mouthwash

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Risk For Coronavirus Transmission May Cut Through Daily Mouthwash:- The usage of mouthwash on a regular basis will sure keep your mouth clean and fresh. A team of German scientists claimed that coronavirus can be inactivated using commercially available mouthwashes. The study has been published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases which reveals that daily usage of mouthwash can prevent oral cavity and throat that is found in most of the coronavirus patients. The mouthwashes are effective against coronavirus and will help to reduce the viral load. This also reduces the risk of coronavirus transmission over the short term, told the researchers.

Toni Meister from Ruhr-Universitat Bochum in Germany said that gargling with mouthwash cannot produce the viruses in the cells and it can reduce a load of viruses in the short term. The team of researchers tested eight types of mouthwashes on the number of people that had different ingredients. All the mouthwashes are taken from the pharmacies and drugstores in Germany. The researchers mixed mouthwash with virus particles along with an interfering substance. This recreated the effect of saliva in the mouth. To simulate the effect of garling, the mixture was well shaken. Vero E6 cells were used. The virus suspensions were treated with cell culture medium.

The study finally found that the virus was reduced on the regular use of mouthwashes in all the tested people. No virus could be detected most of the mouthwashes. The researchers also made sure that the mouthwashes cannot treat coronavirus but they can reduce the viral load and prevent the spread.

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