Having 4 eggs a week reduces risk of diabetes

May 15, 2015 15:33
Having 4 eggs a week reduces risk of diabetes

Diabetes is one of the increasing lifestyle disease in India. Many researchers have found different remedies to decrease the risk of the disease, but the researchers from University of Finland have found a simple remedy to that could help decrease the diabetes risk by 40% by consuming four eggs a week.

After examining the eating habits of 2,332 middle-aged men, who signed up to a study in the l980s, the scientists found that men who ate roughly 4 eggs a week were 38 per cent less likely to fall ill than those who rarely or never ate eggs. These men also had lower blood sugar levels without any steep rise in cholesterol. However, they added that consuming over 4 eggs a week did not seem to increase the effect, and they the way an egg was cooked wasn't put in consideration.

The American Diabetic Association does recommend limiting egg intake to 3 per week in their Exchange Lists for Meal Planning, but the recommendation has more to do with fat content than with cholesterol.

The study is published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

By Lizitha

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