Healthy mind lives in a healthy body

May 15, 2013 18:00
Healthy mind lives in a healthy body

Most of the people today feel it is difficult to loss their weight, for good health and to reduce diseases it is necessary to loss extra weight.

Here listed tips which will helpful to the best possible chance in achieving your weight loss.

1. Stop drinking energy drinks and drink plenty of water: Energy drinks are the major sources of added sugar in our daily diet. Body need water to absorb nutrients from food transport them around the body and flush away our waste products.

2. Reduce the amount of eating: Actually we dont need that much of food daily, less amount of food and eating slowly is good way to lose weight.

3. Have healthy breakfast: Try to have a breakfast that includes protein, calcium and vitamins. Poached eggs, or egg whites,served on toast with baked beans andgrilled tomatoes are a perfect choice.

4. Eat variety of foods: The more variety of foods like salads and vegetables that taste great.

5. Prefer Home made food: Don't prefer out side foods, it is best to start prepare food yourself with your own interest and spend some time in kichen. You can make food at home with good taste.

6. Be active everday: Body movements burns fat. The amount you burn will depend on how often and how long you are active. Set a plan to do some form of activity each day, even just 30 minutes. Do something you enjoy.

7. Snacking: A common downfall of people who are trying to lose weight is unhealthy snacking, we all do it. Not having potato chips or chocolate in the cupboards is a start to not being tempted.

8. Set Mini Goals: Set yourself a mini goal for the week.

9. Feedback: It is important that we all receive encouragement and positive feedback; otherwise we don’t feel good about ourselves.

10. Exercise regularly: Exercise for some time daily helps to loss extra weight

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