Green tea That Help Relieve Stressa

October 08, 2012 16:29
Green tea  That Help Relieve Stressa

You must have heard of many stress reliever exercises and foods. But there are also some herbs that help you to relieve stress and makes you feel relaxed and calm. It is very important to remain free from stress for a number of reasons. Stress has negative effects on your personal relationships, professional career and personal health. Try to use these herbs as effective stress relievers.

Rosemary- Rosemary is one of the most popular herbs that can be used in cooking as well as for other purposes. This herb has great stress relieving qualities. Lavender relaxes the body muscles and that is how it works as a wonderful stress reliever. Many Greeks use to wear a band of rosemary in their head as it had a relaxing effect on the brain.

Lavender- This might be termed as a super herb. It acts on the hormones and stimulates the immune system. You can use it as one of the essential oils to massage your body. This had great soothing affects on the skin as well. You might also consume it by having lavender flavoured teas. Lavender is most widely used in perfumes, room fresheners, diffusers etc. It happens to be one of the best herbs to release tension.

Green Tea- The health benefits of green tea are widely discussed. Green tea provides natural relief from stress. Take a sip into a cup of green tea to be stress free. An amino acid named Thiamine is found in green tea that relieves all the stress hormones. But you need to have at least 3-4 cups of green tea to feel stress free. The herbs will work wonders in relieving stress. Apart from all this, green tea will also make you shed a few calories.

Chamomile- This is one of the wonder herbs that cures fever, reduces the effects of fever and drugs. You can use these in the diffusers of your home. You can even make a paste of this herb and apply it on your whole body. Other than relieving stress, this will also make your skin more radiant and beautiful.

Sage- Sage is a herb that can cure stress even more effectively than medicines. It relaxes our body muscles and the brain. And most importantly this also heals all our mental woes with its amazing properties.

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