Ukraine stages major attack on Russian Airbase

April 05, 2024 20:43
Ukraine stages major attack on Russian Airbase

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Ukraine stages major attack on Russian Airbase:- According to a source from Kyiv intelligence, Ukraine launched a joint operation with the SBU security service and military to target Russia's Morozovsk military air base in the Rostov region. The source claimed that six Russian warplanes were destroyed in the attack, while eight others sustained damage. However, Reuters was unable to independently confirm this information. The source did not provide details on the method of attack. On the other hand, Russia's RIA news agency reported that Russian air defenses had successfully taken down 53 Ukrainian drones overnight, mostly in the Rostov region.

The Morozovsk air base is known for its use by Russian tactical bombers, such as the Sukhoi Su-24 and Su-24M, which are utilized by Moscow's air force to launch guided bomb strikes against Ukrainian military forces and frontline towns and cities. This operation is described as significant. In recent weeks, Ukraine has intensified its drone attacks on targets in Russia, particularly focusing on oil refineries in an attempt to diminish Russian oil revenue. Earlier this year, a senior government official revealed to Reuters that Ukraine plans to manufacture thousands of long-range drones by 2024 as part of its defense program priority in the ongoing conflict with Russia.

With limited entry to weapons from Western allies, Kyiv has prioritized the advancement of long-range unmanned vehicles to retaliate against Russia. The latter has employed a vast array of missiles and drones to bombard Ukraine.

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