They Need An Excuse To Expose

December 16, 2013 15:17
They Need An Excuse To Expose

Film Makers need some excuse or other to expose the female beauty. It can be an educating movie in which hero or heroine doesn’t know or allergic to sexual relation. Or it can be a story line in which a master takes advantage and harasses the working women under him. It can also be street rowdies who always look for an opportunity to find a girl going alone. When a woman is scared of something, her mind refuses to take care of the normal concealing of her sensual parts of the body.  So it will be a matter of interest to scare them in horror movies. The story can be any of the million reasons to expose a woman on the screen.

Now it is a message in Nitya Menon starrer ‘Malini 22 Movie’ being made in Tamil and Telugu that is more to pull the crowds than giving a message as the subject is the atrocities going on women in the society at present.

The subject has nothing in it to find fault with.  It is the burning problem in the society now in which women are not safe. The atrocities are committed by known and unknown male on the hapless women.  It is indisputable and a great theme dealing with the present problem.  But, in order to pass on a message on it to the audience, those women with exposing scenes are to be shown in the movie.

Everybody hates rape.  Rapists are never supported.  But the news on the web covering a rape or a gang rape or a spiritual Guru’s affairs with his women disciples taking advantage of the position gets more number of hits. The narration is given in detail and read thoroughly by the readers without missing single detail.

Movie makers simply want to cash in on a lookout for a theme in which sensual movements can be shown. They also defend themselves saying that a particular situation in the movie demands such type of scenes. An audience is ready to accept the message thousand times if ample reward for it is paid through exposing scenes.


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