Positive Side of RGV Comments on Teachers

September 06, 2013 10:09
Positive Side of RGV Comments on Teachers

Ram Gopal Varma who always has his own way of doing things breaking all conventions frequently understood in a wrong way and that may be what RGV wants, we don’t know! 

He tweets on the Teachers’ day observed by the whole country on the birth day of the scholar philosopher Dr.Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan who served as the second President of India, that teachers have unsuccessful career.  He says that he cannot wish 'Happy Teachers Day' as he was never happy with teachers.  He questions how a teacher can make a student successful when he cannot hit success in his life.  He further says that there are successful Doctors, successful Engineers but not successful Teachers.

It seems RGV is always taken in a negative sense.  If you look at the positive side of RGV’s comments, he is not criticizing teachers but he is only sympathetic towards the teaching profession which is an unthankful job.  Unlike other professions, a teacher’s success depends on the efforts of the students.  A true teacher wants his student to surpass him.  A teacher is like a ladder climbing which students reach heights but the ladder stays there.  If the ladder also tries to reach upstairs, there will not be a possibility for others to reach heights for the sake of who the teacher remains there.  

Nowadays the teachers are paid good remuneration but in the olden days they were paid very low salaries compared to other employees.  Still some of the teachers opted for the job of giving directions to the aspirants to reach their goals.  Nowadays teachers have limited their teaching to the syllabus provided to them but in olden days they used to touch each and every aspect of the life of human being intelligently mixing it with the prescribed syllabus.

A tribute to the teacher or Guru is not to please them as RGV said but only to use that occasion to memorize what they preached us.  The comments of RGV are also right if the act is done mechanically.  

If one takes RGV’s comments in a positive way one will sympathetically take the dedication of a teacher who worked for whole life without material benefit that is called ‘success’ nowadays.  Success in fact does not have an element of monetary benefit in that.  Success is only the end result of a project if it agrees with the original plan.   A teacher can never be called successful as it is an unending process as the ratio is not one teacher for one student.  


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