Botello de Hielo lets you chill!

July 12, 2013 13:14
Botello de Hielo lets you chill!

Coca Cola's innovative launch of a new bottle is made completely of ice presently has it's availability only in Colombia. Furthermore, the design has been marketed as eco friendly since it melts down subsequent to the coke's consumption something that brings in the fact of leaving nothing to throw away or recycle. Arousing spark to it's surprise a Spanish advertisement for Botello de Hielo (bottle of ice) showcases beach-goers enjoying the ice cold beverages on a hot day, as well as causing their bottles melt away in the sand. Interestingly, the bottles are wrapped around the middle accompanied by red rubber labels so as to stop progressing frozen fingers. The surprising fact that once the bottle disappears, the labels double as distinct bracelets. Now coming to an important part, Tin order to create the bottles, the company fills silicone molds along with water as well as freezes them at -13 degrees Fahrenheit afterward fills the ice bottle shapes with Coke. Each of them is then engraved with the Coca Cola logo at the same time the red band is added.


The soda brand's website brings into prominence that the bottles have been a success in beachy Colombia, where vendors are selling an average of 265 an hour. On the contrary, even if we go with an important factor that they are being marketed as eco-friendly, some have expressed their concern that the bottles aren't cost effective to produce, since it most likely requires extra energy to keep the bottles frozen during distribution. That was enough for Food Beast to claim that the bottles are unhealthful due to the fact that the ice absorbs the dirt and germs from its surroundings at the same time other Coke drinkers who prefer the distinctively quality of the taste have shared their worry that the short-lived bottles put a time limit on drinking it up. That's what brings in another fact that there would no plans to bring the ice bottle to the U.S. otherwise any more countries.   


Coming into actuality, the Coca Cola isn't the first soda brand to involve ice in its innovative marketing strategy. If we move back to April, 7Up was known to have set up a vending machine naming it as the Melting Machine in the streets of Buenos Aeries, Argentina. The machine which was made an entirely of ice, melted as passers-by grabbed cans of the beverage. And that was not enough because the people were also invited to guess the exact time the last can would be taken from the icy machine.

Get's you Chilled!

(AW:Samrat Biswas)

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