Sunitha gets her 'ice cream cart' in space

October 11, 2012 14:38
Sunitha gets her 'ice cream cart' in  space

Sunitha1Sunitha Williams is aboard on the International Space Station (ISS) manned by a team of astronauts led by self in space. However NASA had ensured that she will not miss the goodies and delicacies. The Indo-American astronaut received her parcel of goodies and some crucial equipments delivered by a private spaceflight company Space X. Actually this was a part of a bigger deal entered by the company with NASA and the cost of 12 such deliveries would be US $ 1.6 billion.

Sunitha2On Wednesday the unmanned capsule set into orbit by the private company was nearing the ISS when the crew had used its robotic arms to maul the carrier. The Space X cargo ship, called Dragon, eased up to the orbiting lab."Looks like we've tamed the Dragon," reported space station commander Sunita Williams. "We're happy she's on board with us."

Sunitha3Awesome Williamas thanked the efforts of the Space X and  NASA for their Courier. She had an exclusive thanks for her favorite  chocolate-vanilla swirl ice cream stashed in a freezer. Sources say that the new version of the Dragon holds 1000 pounds  of groceries, clothes, science experiments and other gear and the hatchet is supposed to open today. The Dragon set of on mission aboard a Falcon 9 rocket Sunday night. In spite of one of its engine failing the back up had clearly dropped it off in orbit as planned.

Sunitha4The Dragon will accompany the ISS for another three weeks before embarking on a return journey with more luggage from the ISS. It had been an ideal vehicle courier that fills in the void for a space shuttle for goods, which the NASA was seriously contemplating over some time. Space X is the brain child of  PayPal's billionaire creator Elon Musk. This is the second Dragon to visit the space station. Last May, SpaceX conducted a test flight. (With inputs from internet-AW AarKay)


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