KCR slams Congress for their comments on Dharani

November 18, 2023 15:21
KCR slams Congress for their comments on Dharani

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KCR slams Congress for their comments on Dharani:- On Friday, K. Chandrashekar Rao, Chief Minister and BRS leader, harshly criticized the Congress and its manifesto for vowing to abolish the Dharani land registration system and replace it with 'Bhu Bharathi' (now referred to as 'Bhumata'), another online system. At rallies in Karimnagar, Choppadandi, Huzurabad and Parkal constituencies, Rao sharply criticized the Congress and its pledges while pushing for the BRS candidates. He disregarded the Congress pledge to reinstate Bhu Bharathi, contending that it was in use before the emergence of Telangana state, yet it had no effect on farmers as intermediaries and brokers dominated.

Addressing the crowd in Choppadandi, the BRS president remarked, "It has been almost 4 decades since Bhu Bharati was initiated. Dharani is a dependable and clear system, where the only people who can adjust the land records of their properties are the land proprietors. It is your call if you want to keep Dharani or let the Congress toss it into the Bay of Bengal. You must decide if you prefer someone who is dedicated to the welfare of cultivators or someone who will make chaos of your lives. If you select the Congress, then even I will be unable to do anything after that."

Rao stated that those in the public have to make a choice between a BRS government that furnishes 24 hour electricity or Congress governance which will offer three hours. He urged the people to determine which of the two they prefer. Additionally, Rao mentioned that the Rythu Bandhu scheme is being labeled as wasteful by Congress leaders. At an electoral gathering in Karimnagar, Rao declared that after traversing half of Telangana, he was sure the BRS would be governing again for a third term.

He asserted that Telangana is headed for a bright future, and regardless of any criticism of the BRS, they will ultimately come out victorious. He expressed confidence that the people are on their side and will surprise their opponents who are predicting their victory. At multiple meetings, Rao repeated his plea for citizens to vote with caution and not be taken in by the boastful pledges of rival political parties. He urged them to consider which party the hopefuls belonged to, evaluate their past performance in providing for the people and the state, and ask if they are devoted to the agricultural sector. He then asked what direction the state would be led in if such candidates were elected.

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