Mobile print scanners to Hyderabad police

November 28, 2015 12:07
Mobile print scanners to Hyderabad police

Hyderabad police are going to bring the fingerprint scanners onto to the road, to identify the criminals, in a more advanced way.
After the formation of Telangana, along with the other developmental activities, the TRS government even concentrated on the police department and is striving to bring reforms in it.
It provided the ‘Royal Enfield’ bullets for Hyderabad police, promoted ‘She Teams’ and is even implementing it perfectly. Now, adding to the list, the government is introducing the fingerprint scanners, to curb the criminals.
Reportedly, the cue was taken from Britain and such other developed countries police departments and thus, Hyderabad police are going to be availed with it. 

How the Hyderabad police fingerprint scanners work?

When the police suspects someone, during the vehicle checking or in a cordon and search operation, currently, the suspect is being taken to the police station, take the fingerprint and sent it to the specific department of city wing and CID.

This verification of the fingerprints is taking a number of days. But, if the new scanners are replaced with the ongoing procedure, the police can get the suspect’s fingerprint,  then and there and identify, if he is the real one or not.

Speaking about the scanner, one of the senior police said, “We can save several hours of police time by cutting out the escorted journey to police stations to check the identity. Once a person is caught, we can let him off in minutes if he is not a criminal.”

Currently, the police has 2 separate databases on criminals’ fingerprints. These databases will be integrated by creating a single window operation, with which the mobile fingerprint scanners will be connected.

If everything goes well as planned, the fingerprint scanners would be out in the next six months. Hope it would serve the state, to curb the criminals at the earliest time and thus reduce the crime rate in the state.

By Phani Ch

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