Yakub Memon case: Unanswered questions

August 08, 2015 11:53
Yakub Memon case: Unanswered questions

After Yakub Memon was hanged, a series of questions are now doing the rounds among the Indian law officials.  
Yakub Memon, one of the key persons of 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case, was hanged, declining all his mercy petitions he applied, till just before few hours of hanging. But now there are questions, which are almost left with no answer in Yakub Memon’s case.

The people who are caught in Mumbai serial blasts case along with Yakub, are commuted to life from death sentence, but is was only Yakub, who was not commuted.

Unanswered questions in Yakub Memon case

How far it is possible to hang a person, who spent 22 years in jail, which is more than life imprisonment?

Yakub pleaded for two weeks extension of hanging and applied mercy plea to President. How far is President’s rejection correct? Is there any other person, who faced the similar punishment?

Yakub Memon is a schizophrenia patient. Did the President consider this point?
Was Memon given the judgments declared on July 29 and July 30 to read or the offcials tried to hide them, with the intention of hanging him at any cost?

Why could not Memon challenge the President’s rejection? Did Memon was really given that chance?

Why did not the three judge bench address, the Memon’s plea for reconsideration of April 9 2015?

Did the President consider the disclosures, made by former R&AW officer B.Raman?

Currently, the intelligence agencies are alerted as Tiger Memon sent a threatening letter to kill Supreme Court judge Deepak Mishra, for declaring the judgment against Yakub. So, a bullet proof vehicle has been provided to him, while commandos from central paramilitary force have been deployed at his residence.  

Andhrawishesh view

It is not about supporting a terrorist, it is all about, how a person was treated very specially and allotted all the ultimate punishments, with many unanswered questions, left behind. All the above questions, raise new doubts on Indian law system. However, realizing now will have nothing to do, as the judgment was already implemented.

By Phani

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