Good Morning Saturday Wishesh

August 25, 2012 09:22
Good Morning Saturday Wishesh

Hi friends, this your morning Wishesh that is bringing you your daily news roundup. Its a romantic Saturday today, with some exotic showers that are going to keep you lazy in the early hours. Just sipping a cuppa coffee and planing to retire from the day's work. Its okay with me as my boss is not in town, but what about you! Shake off your laziness and wake up Sid.

Celebrity Corner: Have you heard about the film Inter Second Year, that is scheduled for release shortly! The lead actor of the film Roma Asrani celebrates her birthday today. She has earlier acted in Chalaki (2010) and Mr Errababu (2005). though both these films have not fetched her much name, the actor is promising and she needs a break to make it big. Wishesh wishes Roma a Happy Birthday and also wishes loads of success with her new film.

Days Specialty: In 1989 on this day Voyager 2 spacecraft nears Neptune, the last identified planet in our Solar System.

History Speaks: The disintegration of the unified Soviet Union did not give freedom to Belarus. But later on this day in 1991 the small country gained independence and today is a country on its own.

Tirupati: Devotees rush normal. Sources say that nearly 15 compartments were filled with devotees to have a glimpse of the Lord. Ordinary darshan shall take nearly 8 hours for the devotees in queue. For stats on Friday 70,699 devotees visited the shrine.

Vijayawada: Oppositions are planning a dharna on the Krishna Barrage, which should affect the Kolkatta-Chennai segment traffic. Due to scarce water for agriculture, farmers are on the brinks of bankruptcy and the oppositions would like to stage a protest today on the issue. TDP, CPI would primarily participate in the massive planned protest.

Hyderabad: CPI plans a protest for the separate Telangana state from the erstwhile unified Andhra Pradesh earlier the party announced its consent for the separate state, but today the party was individually planning the protest. This would emphasis its prominence in the area, say sources.

Agenda for India: Dr Jayaprakash Narain shall heed to the national capital to participate in the Agenda for India. The conference would emphasis, the belief towards the democratic governance and find ways to restore the same.

Frequent by elections wonders British team: Frequent democracy drama, of elected representatives shifting loyalties, which in turn leads to by-elections left a British team awestruck. The team on a five day tour of the state was astonished at the frequent resignations and the by-polls in the state. The team led by Sir Allen was surprised over the issue that in the last six years, sixty by-polls for various seats had taken them by surprise.

One Card: One Nation One Card is to be launched, by by One card Techno Services India Pvt Ltd., an upcoming company in Identity Management Solutions, in Hyderabad on 26 August amidst pomp and grandeur. The four hour event is being held at the Novotel Hotel, Near Hitec City. It consists of a fashion show coupled with a music nite. And ofcourse celebrities are taking center stage.

The entertainment event that shall unfold loads of surprises, would star notable singers like Keka Goshal and Shriram Chandra. On the other hand we have Charmi doing some peppy numbers. For the entertainment sake the event must be enlisted as a must on our schedule.

Entertainment:Salman Khan's Ek Tha Tiger, our desi bond 007 going strong at the ticket counter. Another film that gets green signal at the box office is Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Pad. A comedy middle aged romantic entertainer enacted by Bomman Irani and Farah Khan. The duo defy the moderns six packs and size zero, and maintain the chords with their histrionics for a romantic outing, that is sure to impress all.

India vs New Zealand live: On the second day of the first test match in the two test series of India vs New Zealand, India was in a formidable position. At the Rajiv Gandhi International stadium in Hyderabad, Dhoni and Pujary back in action were on the defending front in the initial overs, later resumed action after an overnight score of  307/5. India made a meticulous score of 438 before retiring. And in reply New Zealand is fighting it out with 106/5. play is delayed as I said earlier it is raining out here in Hyderabad. It was a spinners day out today, with Indian spinners going all out in defending their score.

Power Outages: Senior BJP leaders agitating on the erratic power outages were arrested. While the cities are bearing the brunt of three hour power outage, the Corporations have 5 hours and towns have 6 hours power cuts. The worst are the villages which do not have power for nearly 12 hours from 6 am -6pm.

Festival time: Time to celebrate Onam, on the 29th  August. Onam is no longer regional as our Malayalee friends are there everywhere, it becomes almost a national one. Then we have the Ganesh Chathurthi on September 19. Paper Ganesha is going viral and it is good for the environment too.  Do not forget to mark this Ganesh Chathurthi with paper Ganesha.

Just a word from the Scriptures: From the Bible, Psalm 37:30: The godly offer good counsel; they teach right from wrong. Proverbs 1:7: Fear of the Lord is the foundation of true knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.

Both the above mean that the good do the right and the wrong is done by the bad. Lord's solace is just fear and desire, is my personal feeling. And when you do good always, then the God is always with you, immaterial of your beliefs.

(With inputs from internet-AW AarKay)

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