Five Simple Tips To Reduce Bloating

July 15, 2020 20:12
Five Simple Tips To Reduce Bloating

Five Simple Tips To Reduce Bloating:- With the arrival of coronavirus pandemic, everyone is restricted to their homes. There is limited body movement and most of them are not ready to exercise in this season due to various reasons. Your body gets bloated if your body doesn't get enough exercise. It can also lead to uneasiness and pain. It is quite needed to have a healthy diet and good exercise. Here are some tips to reduce bloating:

Consumption of lots of carrots and beetroots is good for the body. You should wash them with warm water along with salt. Steamed salads make a huge difference. Bottle gourd, ridge gourd for your diet make so much difference as they are high in Vitamin A, C.

Excessive intake of tea and coffee will dehydrate your body. You can use herbal teas with tulsi, lemon and neem as they can fight against the infections. Haldi dhoodh is the best option. The use of turmeric is healthy for your body.

Dry fruits like pista, almonds, chia seeds, flax seeds, walnuts and others are rich in proteins.

A regular exercise will keep you healthy and it will relax your mind and body. It is advised to door indoor exercise during monsoons.

Ginger and garlic are rich in allicin. Turmeric is rich in curcumin. All these anti-viral foods make a good combination and make you healthy during this coronavirus pandemic season.

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