Special tips for plants in Summer

March 12, 2022 19:54
Special tips for plants in Summer

Special tips for plants in Summer:- As summer is approaching soon, everyone should be extra cautious about the plants in their homes. The temperatures would be higher and the days would be longer. Here are some of the tips for your plants in this summer:

Make sure that the plants have enough water as water evaporates from the soil in summers much faster. It is quite good if you water the plants in the mornings. Keep an eye on the dehydrated plants and water them at regular intervals. Try to give them more shade in summers and help to prevent the direct sun rays. Summers are different when it comes to fertilizers. Use homemade compost to support the plants.

There is a high chance of damaging the leaves if a plant is moved from one pot to another. The leaves will be left in stress and shock. For indoor plants, keep them away from ACs. There should be enough air and moisture but they should not be kept in air conditioners. Check the plants for discoloration of leaves and flowers along with wilting. Check them for weeds, insect pests and clean them at regular intervals. Treat them like living creatures so that the plants survive well.

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