Few Tips To Organize Your Work Space And Stay Productive

July 13, 2017 20:17
Few Tips To Organize Your Work Space And Stay Productive

Few Tips To Organize Your Work Space And Stay Productive:- Your personal productivity is affected by the general condition of your living environment Working in a clustered and messy environment has the ability to keep you distracted and in most cases, create negative energy. While some might give excuses about their space limitations, there are creative ways to keep your pace neat and organized while staying productive. Your entire work station should fuel your motivation to be productive, even though your work is done mainly on a computer.

A well organized work space has tremendous benefits. It makes you feel in control and clearly focus and define areas that may need proper attention. An organized space can literally get rid of distractions, position you for success, save you time and help you stay super productive.

Organizing items helps you keep a tidy work space by finding neat and simple ways to save space and avoid loosing them in piles of clutter.

Here are few tips to organize your office space and stay productive.

1) Purge Your Office

Purge Your Office

Every major change starts with a purge! Get rid of literally any frivolous thing that adds no value to your productivity. De-clutter your space, empty, shred. Focus on one area at a time, get inspiration from magazines, pinterest and other websites on the kind of work space you will like to create. According to their differently useful categories, remove unnecessary furniture, files, and group items. Doing an ‘office purge’ will help you analyze the items that you need to keep or toss. Do not miss this step.

2) Organize With Colors And Labels

Organize With Colors And Labels

Choose a proper labeling and color system for your office. Take the time to label shelves, folders, bins and drawers. This labeling process helps you to put items in the right places and reduces the risk of losing important documents.

3) Use Storage Boxes And Containers

Use Storage Boxes And Containers

Storage boxes are life savers! To help you stay organized, you can store almost anything in containers. Plastic containers and cardboard boxes are perfect for efficient storage. Not just for your office space, but also for your home, invest in durable boxes. You will have better clarity as to how to better organize different items, by grouping and labeling your office items (steps above), and put them into the right segments. To keep your office supplies in organized compartments, keep in mind of those stationery boxes.

4) Segment Your Work Zones

Segment Your Work Zones

Having different work zones can be the solution to your problems. Sometimes, to help trigger a better output, our work requires different spaces and tools. Consider segmenting your work zones into a computer work station and a non-computer based work space. In some cases, to keep the distractions away, you may need to stay away from the computer based work. It may include signing of papers, scanning documents, writing on paper or maybe just getting your thoughts together. You can still utilize your work area to get the optimum output you desire, even if you have one desk.

5) Organize Your Desk Accessories

Organize Your Desk Accessories

One way to stay productive is by keeping your desk organized. Organize everything from your stationaries, laptop, files, and trays. This is where some of your plastic and storage organizers come into play. You do not need an expensive stationery tray to organize your pens. Simply beautify those storage boxes (both big and small) and use them to your advantage.

6) De-Clutter And Organize Your Laptop/Desktop

De-Clutter And Organize Your Laptop Desktop

The content on your computer or other electronic devices also affects the output of your work and life. By deleting those folders, pictures or softwares that you do not need, de-clutter and organize your desktop. To help you stay productive, organize your work into different folders and use digital sticky notes and calendars where necessary.

7) Have Inspirational Reminders

Have Inspirational Reminders

You need those reminders around your work space, in order to stay constantly inspired and motivated to work. To remind you of your goals and dreams, consider putting up an inspirational wall or area. It is easy to loose motivation and get distracted by tons of work that constantly piles up. However, there are ways to stay motivated even when you do not feel like working. With some DIY paper decorations and frames with images that remind you of your ultimate goals, those inspirational highlights around your office can even be done.


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