For a strong hair, that enhances your beauty!

June 06, 2012 12:13
For a strong hair, that enhances your beauty!

Silky, soft and smooth hair is definitely a good sign of a beautiful you... but at the same time, just as by seeing your face one can analyze you are healthy or not, similarly by seeing the density of your hair you yourself can analyze if your hair is really healthy or not... if you really think on improving your hair density, here are some tips that could help you;

You can apply the yolk of a raw egg on your scalp once every month. Applying yogurt on your hair once every month will keep it looking shiny and healthy. You can also use a paste made of ground fenugreek seeds to keep your hair soft and healthy. You should avoid washing your hair frequently and should ensure that you use only lukewarm water to wash it. Hot water can cause your hair to become weak and increase the hair fall.

The shampoo you use should be selected with care since harsh shampoos can cause more harm than good. You should remember to protect your hair from the ill effects of harsh sunlight, pollution and dust. Drape a scarf around your hair when going out. You should also resist the temptation to subject your hair to treatments like hair coloring or straightening, or even curling it, since these can cause hair to become weak and fall out in large quantities.

If you want to grow thicker hair, it's might not be as easy as you think. We’re all born with a natural hair type and it’s impossible to completely change that if you have naturally thin hair. However, the healthier you are and the better you treat your hair, the fuller hair will grow and the less hair you'll lose or break.

So get fuller hair by eating right. Lots of protein will help you grow thicker hair. Think eggs, fish, steak and tofu. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits so you’re getting plenty of vitamins and minerals. This not only can help you grow thicker hair, but it can make it shinier and healthier.

There are also vitamins formulated for hair and nail health, so look for those at a vitamin store or health food shop. These may not necessarily grow thicker hair, but they can make the hair you have healthier, stronger, and less likely to break or fall out.

Also, make sure you’re using a moisturizing shampoo that won't dry out your hair. Get a lightweight conditioner that won’t weigh your hair down. You’ll have the look of fuller hair if your hair isn’t weighed down. You also should blow dry your hair. You can make it seem like you grow fuller hair if you blow dry your hair upside down or if you pull hair up with a brush at the roots while you’re blow drying.

The next time you go to get a hair cut, tell your stylist that you want a cut that will give you the look of fuller hair. You might not be able to grow thicker hair easily, but you can definitely get carefully placed layers that will make it seem like you have fuller hair.

Also ask the stylist to recommend products to help you get fuller hair. He or she may have plenty of good advice for specific things you can use to help you not only grow thicker hair but also make naturally think hair look like fuller hair.

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