Radiate Your Cosmetics This New Year

December 26, 2011 18:34
Radiate Your Cosmetics This New Year

I had the lovely opportunity to meet Nicole Marett last week at an Austin Stylist Event.  We immediately hit it off. Not only was she a lovely redhead, but is owner of the cosmetic line, Radiant Cosmetics (what a dream come true!)

I sat down and spoke with Nicole about her makeup line and her love for being a redhead:

Q: Please describe a little about Radiant Cosmetics and what makes it different from other lines?

Nicole: Radiant Cosmetics is different from any other makeup line because it is built on a vision of ending human trafficking. While we are a social enterprise, meaning we are a for-profit business, we pour resources into wonderful anti-trafficking nonprofits on the front lines of change.

Of the 27 million people estimated to be trapped in modern day slavery, known as human trafficking, 80% of those are women and children. Those are huge numbers and women dominate the beauty industry. We really wanted to channel that power into something beautiful.

So, not only do we love all things makeup and feature a full line of fun colors and quality products, we also are working toward changing the makeup of human trafficking both domestically and globally.

Q: Why did you decide to start Radiant Cosmetics?

Nicole: Several reasons, first being I have always loved makeup. Every since I was a little girl I dreamt of playing with it, writing about it, and showing others how to wear it.

Second, I spent a year overseas and during that time landed in Thailand. I spent a month working with an anti-trafficking organization in a Red Light District in Southern Thailand. It was there I came face to face with the atrocity of human trafficking. I met countless women affected by trafficking statistics, hearing their stories and knowing their names forever changed me and stirred me to do something.

From those two passions Radiant Cosmetics was born.

Q: Do you think being a redhead helped you become an entrepreneur?

Nicole: I think so! I’m pretty stubborn, so telling me I can’t wear certain colors because I’m a redhead only made me want to do it more. As a result, I was always experimenting with color. Some of those experiments were atrocious like the frosty blue eyeliner casualty of 2001, but it helped me develop a love of color and teaching women that they can in fact wear it in a non-scary way.

Q: What’s your favorite part about being a redhead?

Nicole: My favorite part about being a redhead is its uniqueness. I remember growing up and I hated the fact that I didn’t look like all my other friends. Over the years, it’s something I’ve grown to love. It makes me stand out in a crowd and I like to think it makes me a bit more memorable!

Q: What are  makeup colors redheads should wear? Should not wear?

Nicole: Redheads are always told what colors they can and can’t wear. I think redheads would be surprised to branch out and try colors they “aren’t supposed to wear.” I recently began experimenting with loud lip colors and was always fearful of a red lipstick and I think it’s such a great look on redheads.

However, there are colors that just compliment our coloring more.

Here are a few makeup tips:

1. Redheads look amazing in a copper and peachy eye shadows. Also, purples are always amazing and I love a great pink.

2. Gold for me is always a winner; I think it looks so pretty next to red hair.

3. Blue eye makeup doesn’t flatter redheads, in my opinion.

4. As a redhead, I was always told greens would look great on me. As an eye shadow, green tends to look ‘dirty’ on my eyes. However, a shot of green eyeliner paired with bronze shadow is a great look. It takes a bit of experimentation sometimes.

Q. What’s a product you can’t live without?

Nicole: I think my fellow redheads will understand that I just can’t live without mascara. My eyelashes are light and it’s hard to see them without a great mascara to make my eyes stand out.

Radiant Cosmetics does more than just make women feel beautiful, but it redefines beauty. It not only has amazing products, but is helping others stand up for what is right.

Want more of Radiant Cosmetics? Shop here!(Sarah Reeves)

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