When The Honeymoon Period Is Over...

November 29, 2012 10:43
When The Honeymoon Period Is Over...

Every marriage beings with a dream-like honeymoon period. This period of time is rightly defined as the time of newly married bliss. The stars look brighter, the flowers smell more fragrant, you are in perfect harmony with your spouse and the world is a beautiful place. But slowly the magic starts to wear off and you have to come back to reality.

The dreamy time in your marriage before you come back to the ground realities of life is basically referred to as the honeymoon period. This stage of your marriage can last from anything between one month to a year (depending on your luck). However, it can never go on forever. So, here some tell-tale signs to know that your honeymoon period is over.

She stops dressing up like a movie star. When you are newly married, you are very keen to keep up appearances. It takes time to get out of the dating mode. So, you would probably see your wife all dressed up for you. But one fine day she is going to get tired of it and appear in front of you in a shabby dressing gown. That is the day your 'real' marriage starts.

He talks about money. During the honeymoon period of marriage, your husband usually behaves like a millionaire. He will buy you gifts, take you out for expensive dinners and buy you whatever you ask for. But the day he starts talking seriously about saving money for the future, you know that drudgery of your marital life has started.

You have your first real fight. It is not like you do not fight in the initial stages of your marriage. In fact, you might fight a lot during this time but you make up easily after a quarrel. But the real fights start after the magic of fresh love wears off. If you have not spoken to each other days or you actually walked out him after a fight, you are into the real challenges of married life.

He/She goes for a night out with friends against your wish. In the early days of marriage, your spouse is the centre of the universe for you. You want to spend every waking moment with your newly married husband or wife. But finally, after a year or so, you start missing your friends. When your partner preferring to hang out with friends instead of getting cozy with you at home, you know that the honeymoon period has ended.

You have not made love in a week and its okay. Newly married couples have a very physically intimate relationship. This solves a lot of the problems that the couple might be having otherwise. But, the frequency of lovemaking comes down as the days pass and initial addiction to physical intimacy makes way for a more stable kind of love.

Did you notice these signs before the honeymoon period of your marriage ended?


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