Sonakshi Sinha refuses mall occasions!

June 22, 2013 19:49
Sonakshi Sinha refuses mall occasions!

Sonakshi Sinha would be maintaining a secured distance from shopping malls for the present days scenario. That is undoubtedly not due to suffering from an abnormal fear of being in crowds nor that she has turned out to be a fanatic rather the star's ardently active fans who have instigated her to take this decision. Sonakshi brought into prominence to her producers that she will not be present at any promotional event conducted in malls subsequent to being harassed by an ardently active fan at the time of a film promotion preceding year.

Even though the prevalent fact remain that these days multiple promotional activities are held at malls due to the reason that it helps establish a direct connect with the audience. Nevertheless, due to the fact of this 'direct contact' Sonakshi wants to avoid .It has come from a friend of the actress that she has informed the makers of Lootera as well as Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara in no unpredictable terms that she will not be a part of any such mall visit any further.

Showcasing graceful Sonakshi Sinha:


Readily seen this decision comes subsequent to the actress was harassed by nosily crowd during one such event last year. Sonakshi made it clear while she said that have nothing against malls. On the contrary the crowd during this occasions can get disorderly certain times which in fact puts the security guards giving minimum help. She had a pretty bad experience last year while promoting a film.

Furthermore, she emphasizes on the availability of many other platforms to promote a film.  While explaining in detail about the incident her friend expressed whether call him a fan or a maniac, yet this guy not only came too close to the actress on the contrary even touched her hair.  The incident has quiet obviously made Sonakshi remain in greatly afraid at the same time has absolutely no intention to put herself in a similar situation any time soon. Even though Balaji, the makers of both her forthcoming films, acted their best intending to convince the actress guaranteeing a tight security still Sonakshi was firm on her decision.

Therefore, the production house was forced to move the venue of the Dubai promotion of Lootera from a mall to a restaurant.

Security becomes a major concern when it comes to celebrity life due to the fact that the fame gives root to multiple ways of nonsensical behaviour from fans which may or may not be intentional.

(AW:Samrat Biswas)

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