Lacchimdeviki O Lekkundi Movie Review and Ratings

by Aravind
Lacchimdeviki O Lekkundi Movie Review and Ratings
  • Rating:
    2.25 out of 5 (2.25/5)
  • Director:
    Jagadish Talasila
  • Cast:
    Lavanya tripathi, Naveen Chandra
  • Banner:
    Mayukha Creations
  • Producer:
    Sai Prasad Kamineni
  • Music:
    M. M. Keeravani
  • Release Dt :
    Jan, 29 2016

Lacchimdeviki O Lekkundi Story

There will be two unclaimed bank accounts, which are of expired and have no nominees. Mahesh (Ajay), a dreaded criminal plan to rob these accounts and for that reason, he traps Naveen (Naveen Chandra), who is one of the bank employees.

Ajay threatens Naveen and orders him to take support of his colleague Devi (Lavanya Tripathi) to fulfil his mission. How Naveen came out of the trap and saved the money, forms the rest of the movie.

Lacchimdeviki O Lekkundi Analysis

Lacchimdeviki O Lekkundi Movie Review and Ratings

Be it story, screenplay or any other aspect linked to the plot, is utter boring. Though there are several twists, they fail to keep the audience engaging. Though the run time is less, the boring episodes, makes the movie draggy. Even though there are just two songs, unfortunately, they are placed in the wrong timings, breaking the flow of the film.

The concept of spirit possession fails miserably and the reason behind it can be spotted easily. There is no proper chemistry between the couple and to the peaks of pain, the abrupt ending makes one curse themselves, for entering into the theatre.


Lavanya Tripathi in the female lead is the perfect choice for the character. Even Naveen Chandra supported well to the role, he was offered, giving some decent performance even in the negative shade character. 

Ajay is ok as the baddie and Jaya Prakash Reddy’s comedy was one of the major highlights in the strict serial film. Rest other roles have done a decent job. 

M.M Keeravani’s background music ranks above the songs. The production values are satisfactory. Dialogues and the art direction are good. Editing looked jaded during the climax. The cinematography is commendable, as it is showcased with a unique lighting. 

Just after the 15 minutes of the start of the movie, the plot goes sideways and slowly picks up during the interval point. As soon as the second half starts, the plot goes down hill and fails to pick up for the rest of the movie. 

The director failed to make an engaging screenplay, which make the audience, end up irritated.

Lacchimdeviki O Lekkundi Final Word

Lacchimdeviki O Lekkundi, but unfortunately, “Aa lekka ekkado thappindi.” 

By Phani Ch

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