Tripura Movie Review and Ratings

by Aravind
Tripura Movie Review and Ratings
  • Rating:
    2.25 out of 5 (2.25/5)
  • Director:
    Raja Kiran
  • Cast:
    Swathi, Naveen Chandra
  • Banner:
    Crazy Media
  • Producer:
    A China Babu, M Rajasekhar
  • Music:
  • Release Dt :
    Nov, 06 2015

Tripura Story

Tripura (Swathi) is a village girl, doing the naughty kind of things. She keeps on complaining her father, about the several issues of the villagers. Her father suspects that something is wrong with her and takes to Hyderabad, for the treatment.

In the Hyderabad hospital, she meets Naveen (Naveen Chandra) a doctor, and within a short time, they fall in love with each other and get married. After marriage, Tripura finds out that, Naveen had a love story before the marriage.

Did her husband’s love story, affect her personal life, what is his husband’s past? The answers for all these questions forms the rest of the story.

Tripura Analysis

Tripura Movie Review and Ratings

Most of the scenes in the first half of Trpura movie, lacks the liveliness. The narration has been slow and Sapthagiri’s episode disturbs the flow of the film. When the movie seems dipping, a sudden twist, awakens the curiosity. That would be carried on, till the end of the first half.  

The twist in the first half, is completely on a side track and that would be revealed within the few minutes of the start of the second half. The comedy episodes completely spoil the plot of the film. I think the makers are curious to reveal that, it was they, who made Geethanjali and that might be the reason, to adopt  several episodes from Geethanjali movie.


To suit Tripura role, Swathi has gained weight and practiced eye expressions. That homework can be felt on the screen. She did a splendid job. But her presence in the songs would be disturbing, as she hardly shook her legs. For a talented actor like Naveen Chandra, Tripura is not a right film, as the movie had nothing to prove his capability.    

Turning off the expectations of the comedy lovers, Comedian Sapthagiri’s role is quite disturbing. The narration of his episodes has many flaws. Rao Ramesh has been decent with his limited presence. Rest others are found satisfactory. 

When a star writer like Kona Venkat is one of the technicians, the expectations among the audience, automatically increases. Knowing that, Kona could not keep up those. After receiving the recent failure like Bruce Lee, Tripura is another disappointment to him. 

The music and the cinematography have been ok and the production values have been rich. Raaj Kiran, kept up the tag called Geethanjali director, by showing Geethanjali 2, with the title, Tripura.

Tripura Final Word

If you cannot wait to watch Geethanjali movie another time in the TV, walk to the theatres of Tripura, otherwise omit it. 

By Phani Ch

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  • Tripura Movie Review and Ratings
  • Tripura Movie Review and Ratings