Courier Boy Kalyan Movie Review and Ratings

by Aravind
Courier Boy Kalyan Movie Review and Ratings
  • Rating:
    2 out of 5 (2/5)
  • Director:
  • Cast:
    Nitin, Yami Gautam
  • Banner:
    Photon Kathaas
  • Producer:
    Gautham Menon, Venkat Somasundaram, Reshma Ghatala
  • Music:
    Karthik, Anup Rubens, Sandeep Chowta
  • Release Dt :
    Sep, 17 2015

Courier Boy Kalyan Story

Kalyan (Nithin) is a cool going guy. He finds his love in Kavya (Yami Gautham) and tries to express his love to her. With the intention of marrying her, Kalyan decides to get a job first and it was then, he joins as a courier boy.

The actual plot of the story starts, after Kalyan was asked to deliver a parcel, which belongs to a group of doctors. With that parcel, he along with his love, falls into trouble. How does he solve the problem and made his love own, forms the rest of the story.

Courier Boy Kalyan Analysis

Courier Boy Kalyan Movie Review and Ratings

The first half of the film has some decent entertainment. Though not much dealt about the plot in the first half, the interval block, specially the twist brings the hope on the better second half.  

The second half of the film has nothing much to applaud. Right from the start, the scenes slowly starts dipping down, the narration actually spoiled the content. In fact, even in many episodes, the plot gets deviated due to poor narration skills. Songs picturization is completely horrible and the climax ends, without even knowing that, it is actually started.


Nithin has undoubtedly gave a good performance, and there is no flaws on his side. But the poor narration skills, made the talented actor like Nithin, sound low in the movie. Heroine is just ok and as a debut one, nothing more can be expected from her.

The music, editing is completely a disaster for the movie and the production values are rich enough. Cinematography is another major minus. Complete technical department failed in bringing out a good plot. The director chose a good story, but due to low profile narration skills, film ends disappointing the fans and normal audience too.

Courier Boy Kalyan Final Word

Courier Boy Kalyan does not reach the expectations of the audience, but Nithin acting skills, make us at least walk towards the theatre for once.

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  • Courier Boy Kalyan Movie Review and Ratings
  • Courier Boy Kalyan Movie Review and Ratings