India Ashamed: Minor girl molested in public by 30 men

July 14, 2012 14:59
India Ashamed: Minor girl molested in public by 30 men

A 16-year-old minor girl was molested by a mob of around 30 people for nearly 30 minutes outside a posh nightclub in Guwahati on Monday night. This horrific incident, which was even captured on the camera, questioned the morals of the men. The incident took place when the class XI girl attended a friend's birthday party at Club Mint on G.S Road. Her friends left her at around 9.30 PM and the mob took advantage of the lonely girl. They molested her, dragged her without losing cruel smiles on their faces while hundreds watched and a newschannel reporter recorded the entire yucky episode on the camera instead of helping the girl. The police who arrived after half-an-hour evicted the team and the girl was handed over to her parents.

When the video got posted to Youtube, public were literally disturbed and raised voices against such hapless act. And that's where the police stepped in and arrested four persons while one of the accused was said to be roaming free as he's being backed by an influential person. Meanwhile, Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi has set up a committee to probe the incident. CPM polit bureau member, Brinda Karat demanded the Centre to prosecute the police officers.

The police, on the otherhand, said they were not ATMs to give instant service. The union home minister warned seriously the police chief of Assam, Jayanta Narayan Chowdhary for making such statements. Chidambaram said every incident of molesting a woman was condemnable and also said that anyone who tries to bring such incident to light was also condemnable.

It is known that the reporter shot this entire episode on the camera but didn't help the girl. This act itself gave raise to many suspicions. Team Anna member, Akhil Gogoi has said that NewsLive channel TV reporter was the main culprit for having shot the incident and airing it on the channel on Monday. He has also alleged that one of the accused in the dirty episode, Amarjyoti Kalita was the friend of the reporter and apparently they deliberately did this thing. Further, he said he has a CD to prove the reporter's guilt, which would be handed over to police and the media.

In which society do we live in? Is the question that would undoubtedly raise in any civilised man's mind after going through this video. The little girl who didn't even turned major was molested by dozens of people.

The footage, which you are watching was posted to You Tube on July 10.  The people who were watching the video seemed to have tears in their eyes as their comments on the video states as to how angry people were after witnessing the shameful act. One of the comments read: Shame on those who were going in the cars without rescuing even after the girl pleading them for stopping the  vehicles.  In the video above, you can see the girl being dragged with hail and then molested.

All those who molested should be castrated in public and then hanged to death in public without clothes, said people who watched the video.

(AW Phani)

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