Optional Fetch Option in HTC For Additional Payment

November 25, 2013 15:18
Optional Fetch Option in HTC For Additional Payment

HTC One series have given an option to add Fetch to it to track the phone.

HTC India's Country Head Faisal Siddiqui said, "You will never lose you HTC phone if you have Fetch. This can be paired (connected wirelessly) with any HTC One series phone. As soon as an HTC One owner walks 10 meters beyond the phone, both device and phone will start ringing. An e-mail will immediately go on his mail showing location of the phone on Google Maps".

Google Maps will locate the phone and also the phone starts ringing if the owner of the HTC One series phone goes 10 meters away from the phone.

It is explained by Siddiqui, “HTC Fetch uses the Global Positioning System (GPS), Assisted GPS and mobile-tower triangulation technology to detect a phone's location”.

To get the benefit, first the Fetch has to be paired with the instrument like a blue tooth is paired.  The Fetch costs Rs.2500 extra.  If the phone is lost, the settings cannot be changed by other person as the finger print of the owner is already registered in the mobile.

All these things are OK but the thieves are to be educated first that stealing a phone of that sort will not do any good to them.  If the phone is not useful they simply will not use or throw it away in which case it may not be beneficial for the owner of the phone unless it is thrown with the phone in on position.  In case the phone is off, then it fails to relay its location to Google Maps.

Our Indian thieves first take off the battery the moment they get a phone.  If the phone is used after a year or two, by that time the persons interested in tracking it down will lose interest in it.  It is useful only when the owner keeps it somewhere and forgets and tries to locate it.  Or it will give warning signals if the owner of the phone forgets to take it and moves away from there and if no one else picks up to put it off.


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