Lenovo's coffee table tablet?

January 07, 2013 13:15
Lenovo's coffee table tablet?

Today's lives are so tightly intertwined with gadgets that there is hardly time for the family together. Every person in the house is seen associated more with his or her own tablet in their respective corners of the house and seldom together around the coffee tables merrily laughing together. Lenovo's latest innovation  IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC aims to bring back the bonding in the family. This Table PC is a huge tablet running Windows 8 and is around the size of a small coffee table or a mid size flat-panel TV.

The screen resembles the new iMac, 27 inch, in dimensions. With the size akin to a coffee table and a support for multitouch of 10 fingers at a time, over 4 people can use it comfortably at the same time making it the first interpersonal computer rather than just a PC.

This can also be erected on a stand to use it like a conventional TV or media center. Play Monopoly or Air Hockey. Games like the latter also can be played with special attachments like the plastic strikers or  joysticks that can be stuck to the screen with vacuum suction cups. The tablet is expected to be priced at $1,699.

Though this is not the first such work, being superseded by Surface from Microsoft in 2008, which was a 30 inch screen with PixelSense technology, IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC is definitely a refined advanced gadget in the same lines. It recently used the name for another tablet recently last year. Sony's Tap 20 is something similar but only 20" measured diagonally.

(AW- Anil)

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