Clear Signs that Your Partner is on the Top

January 23, 2020 14:36
Clear Signs that Your Partner is on the Top

Clear Signs that Your Partner is on the Top:- Every person is different and his or her relationship with their partner would sound different. Inspired with the silly exaggerated versions of love, some of them have been blindly following such acts in real life which may not go well with their partners. At these times, some of the partners look back and they examine their relationship. Experts call this love bombing. Here are some of the signs that make you remind that your partner is on the top:

Gifts: Receiving gifts from your partner is truely a pleasant feeling. But if you are bombarded with lavish gifts frequently, experts say that the person is a narcissist and they think highly of themselves.

Compliments: Constant praising will not go well with many. If it is a perfect situation, one can shower praises on their partner. Frequent compliments are sure a red flag in a relationship.

Calls and Texts: Communication is always healthy but engaging your partner in a conversation can be toxic.

Connecting soul: A relationship is always beautiful if it is soulful. If you are trying to convince each other, it would be a wrong sign.

Sense of Boundaries: One should have respect towards the other and everything in a relationship has boundaries. A love bomber, on the other hand, may try to manipulate you into getting what they want by being upset, throwing a tantrum, making you feel guilty, etc.

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