8 wedding night secrets

April 11, 2015 14:55
8 wedding night secrets

Either it may be love marriage or arranged marriage, definitely everyone will have some perceived notions and too many expectations about it.  Consummation is one of the first things that come into mind. For some it may be little scary and overwhelming with many doubts. Here are some things that will help you out about wedding night Romance.

Crazy  Romance: As it your first time, don’t expect rocking night. Think practical, as you will be tired after your marriage and reception function. So give each other some benefit of doubt to each other and not expect any rocking performance. Try to be happy even if it were some nice sessions of cuddling and intimacy.

Big O: Exploring and learn about each other’s bodies and preferences. Don’t expect a happy ending too soon. When it comes to women, it will take some time to experience the orgasm. So take some time, try in a smooth way and enjoy the process inspite of expecting a happy ending.

Fake orgasm: As it is your first time, don’t fake an orgasm to make him happy. Since this is going to be the beginning of your journey to the most intimate moments, instead of faking all types of ecstatic emotions, just be romantic and talk about your preferences and know-how about sexual positions.

Have Romance talk: Talk about Romance. Share your fantasies and things you want in bed.  Definitely this will be the best method which works soon. 

You first: don’t expect your partner to take initiative. And even it is not right always to expect a man to take initiative. As it is the first time try to read your partner mind and do it accordingly. But if both of you keep on waiting for each other, you might land up waiting all night.

Pain: Don’t feel panic about first night pain. Mostly will hurt but enough foreplay will help you aroused and thus it will make penetration easy causing little pain. If you are too worried then try using lubrication.

Pornalicious: Don’t be so dramatic by matching porn movies as most of the stuff in porn movies is fake (including the orgasms and breasts). So don’t try to match it up with real dirt.

Bloody mess: The myth that every virgin has to bleed the first time she has dirt is a very old one. Bleeding and virginity are not related. The bleeding occurs because of hymen rupture and dirt is not the only way that happens. So don’t keep this in mind.

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