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Thrissur Pooram, festival of Gods own country April 29, 2015 11:09

Thrissur is a city situated in the centre of Kerala state, India It is an important cultural centre, and is known as the "cultural capital" of Kerala. The name Thrissur is derived from "Thiru-Shiva-Perur", which…

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Akshaya Tritiya - imperishable prosperity April 21, 2015 12:12

Akshaya Tritiya, also known as "Akha Teej", is traditionally the birthday of Lord Parasurama, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. People conduct special Pujas on this day, bathe in holy rivers and worship Lord Ganesha…

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Vishu - Festival of abundance April 01, 2015 18:25

In Kerala, the start of the Zodiac New Year when the sun enters into Sidereal Aries, Ashwini nakshatra, is celebrated as Vishu. Usually it comes around 14th or 15th of April. Bihu in Assam and…

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