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    Doctor's warning: No more bikini waxing! 22 August 2012

    It is claimed to increase the risk of skin infection and sexually transmitted diseases If you're a beach babe and love to don that two-piece bikini, you might have to do without a regime that's a norm with most people...the...

    Keywords: bikini was introduced in France in 1946, bikini wax, bikini was introduced in France in 1946, two-piece bikini

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    waxing considerations, Three things to know before waxing, three things to know before waxing, Waxing

    Three things to know before waxing 09 June 2014

    Summertime calls for sleeveless dresses, bikinis, tank tops, shorts and everything fashionable and summery. This means, smooth, hairless arms, legs and pits for women. But before you put the wax on your skin, consider these do's and don'ts to ensure...

    Keywords: , waxing do's and don'ts, skincare, skincare

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    Waxing bumps look ugly, , how to get rid of waxing blues, Waxing

    How To Get Rid Of Waxing Blues? 25 September 2012

    Waxing is one of the safest methods to remove unwanted body hair. Waxing really hurts and this is common because the hair follicles are pulled out with the melted or cold wax. The best part is that, the pain lasts...

    Keywords: Doesn't darken skin, Doesn't darken skin, extremely painful, women suffer from waxing blues

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    Shaving tips research, Shaving tips research, keep these tips in mind when you are shaving instead of waxing, Waxing

    Keep These Tips in Mind When You Are Shaving Instead of Waxing 29 July 2020

    Keep These Tips in Mind When You Are Shaving Instead of Waxing:- Visiting a parlour is a part of the monthly or a bi-monthly routine for women. Some of them are still avoiding their visit to the parlour because of...

    Keywords: Shaving tips articles, Shaving techniques, Shaving tips, Shaving tips news

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    Chocolate wax, Chocolate waxing, chocolate makes for pleasurable waxing, Waxing

    chocolate makes for pleasurable waxing 31 July 2013

    If you are someone who cringe at the thought of painful waxing, here is something that you might actually like. Chocolate waxing, the new beauty discovery, is being hailed as a breakthrough attempt in realms of beauty treatment. Not only...

    Keywords: the painless boon, waxing, beauty treatment, Chocolate waxing

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    healthy nails, waxing and moisturising your hands, how to maintain flawless healthy nails, Waxing

    How to maintain flawless, healthy nails... 09 August 2012

    It's important to maintain beautiful and healthy nails. Read on to find out why and how you can achieve flawless nails Like waxing and moisturising your hands, your nails too need equal attention. Proper care and attention must be ensured...

    Keywords: Improper dieting, Improper dieting, maintain flawless,

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    Waxing Bikini Area 17 March 2011

    Summer is fast approaching and with that comes the need for waxing. The bikini area is one of the most challenging areas of the body to wax, but it is also one of the most important to take care of....

    Keywords: Bikini area, women in bikini, Bikini, Bikini area

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    massaging, Cleansing, for the big day in your life, Waxing

    For the 'BIG' day in your life... 25 July 2012

    You might have followed n number of beauty tips to retain your glowing skin... but, the final touch before your Wedding do matters... It is said that beauty comes from within but it only comes when you take care of...

    Keywords: BIG' day in your life, BIG' day in your life, Take cotton ball, waxing

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