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    Apple tops the list of "Most Innovative Company" 10 November 2012

    In a study Titled 'The Global Innovation 1000: Making Ideas Work'  conducted by consultancy giant Booz & Co, Apple comes as a clear winner in terms of being the most innovative company . The reports also shows that is possibly...

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    Toyota Urban Cruiser features, Toyota Urban Cruiser latest news, toyota urban cruiser launched in india, Toyota

    Toyota Urban Cruiser Launched in India 23 September 2020

    Toyota Urban Cruiser Launched in India:- Toyota Urban Cruiser is one more option for the Indian market in SUV space. It has been launched today and it is said to be the rebadged version of Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza which...

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    Toyota, Toyota, toyota is planning to grab the small car market, Toyota

    Toyota is planning to grab the small-car market 13 October 2016

    The eminent car maker Toyota is finally going to establish its strong presence in the Indian small-car market and with their upcoming ventures, they are planning to give a huge threat to some already established small-car segment brands like Maruti Suzuki...

    Keywords: Toyota, Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai Motor, Toyota

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    robot cars, robot cars, toyota to invest in self driving car technology, Toyota

    Toyota to invest in self driving car technology 07 September 2015

    Toyota is investing $50 million with Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in self driving car technology. The investment will be made over the next five years at joint research centers located in Silicon Valley and another technology...

    Keywords: self driving cars, robot cars, Toyota investment in self driving car, self driving cars in India

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    toyota kirloskar motors, lexus, lexus shows no interest in india, Toyota

    Lexus shows no interest in India 03 January 2013

    If things went well Lexus, the luxury brand of Toyota, the Japanese automaker, would have made it to our nation this year. Unfortunately Lexus has seen a few drawbacks of entering India this fiscal year, probably because of the economic...

    Keywords: toyota japan, , lexus india entry, lexus india

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    Toyota Camry, Corolla Facelift, toyota camry corolla facelift to be revealed in 2017, Toyota

    Toyota Camry, Corolla Facelift to be revealed in 2017 24 November 2016

    Toyota has seen brilliant days in the Indian market inferable from its purchaser palatable offerings in the Indian line up. In the wake of making an amazing benefit with the new Innova Crysta, the Japanese automaker does not appear to stop...

    Keywords: Toyota Camry, Corolla Facelift, Corolla Facelift, Automobiles

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    Toyota Cars, Automobiles, toyota is making abs and ebd standard in all its manufacture, Toyota

    Toyota is Making ABS and EBD Standard in all its Manufacture 24 September 2016

    Toyota after tremendous speculation has decided and launched two standards namely ABS and EBD in all its vehicles that will be manufactured for Indian roads. Apart from Platinum Etios and Etios Liva, the standard will be applicable in fleet vehicles too....

    Keywords: Toyota EBD, Toyota Cars, Toyota ABS, Toyota Cars

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    Ram Charan, Megastar Chiranjeevi, charan gifts land cruiser to chiru, Toyota

    Charan gifts land cruiser to Chiru 22 August 2014

    Hero Ram Charan has gifted his dad Megastar Chiranjeevi a brand new car worth Rupees 1.5 crores on the eve of his birthday today. In fact this is the second car, Charan gifted to Chiru and earlier in 2010, Charan...

    Keywords: Megastar Chiranjeevi, Chiranjeevi birthday, Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan

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    Alexander Alekhine, trans-Neptunian objects, vishy anand is now a planet s name, Toyota

    Vishy Anand is now a planet's name 03 April 2015

    India’s first chess grandmaster, Vishwanathan Anand has been granted the honor of having a minor planet named after him. With this privilege, Anand joins former world chess champions Alexander Alekhine and Anatoly Karpov who have had a similar honour bestowed...

    Keywords: trojans, Anatoly Karpov, Mars, Kuiper belt objects

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    American Express Bakery, Galaxy Apartments, salman khan s driver s statement recorded in hit and run case, Toyota

    Salman Khan's driver's statement recorded in 'hit-and-run' case 30 March 2015

    In the 2002 hit-and-run case, accused actor Salman Khan's driver Ashok Singh has come forward to give his statement to the court which may provide relief to the actor.He has testified in the court that he was driving the car...

    Keywords: Salman Khan, Ashok Singh, Galaxy Apartments, 'hit-and-run' case

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    Tushar Ghelani, Land Cruiser, irresponsible customer care service turns 1 crore toyota land cruiser into donkey cart, Toyota

    Irresponsible customer care service turns 1 Crore Toyota Land Cruiser into donkey cart 06 July 2015

    When the Surat based wealthy builder Tushar Ghelani was among the first 20 personalities who owned Rs 1 Crore Land Cruiser five years ago, he couldn’t have expected that one day the SUV will be turned into a donkey cart.The...

    Keywords: Land Cruiser, Land Cruiser, Tushar Ghelani, Surat

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    car sports, car sports, toyota woos youth with concept cars, Toyota

    Toyota woos youth with concept cars 04 June 2012

    Wondered how it will be racing at top cruising speeds like jet, set go!! Well if your adrenaline is gushing up at the thought then this is for you. Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt Ltd (TKM) flaunts its range of concept...

    Keywords: youthm waku doki, Etios, car races, car races

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    General Motors, Toyota, gm re emerges as world s no 1 automaker, Toyota

    GM re-emerges as world's No 1 automaker 21 January 2012

    GM was the world's largest automaker for 77 consecutive years from 1931 through 2007 before Toyota surpassed it in 2008. The automaker was bleeding about $100 billion in the years before its 2009 bankruptcy, which saw it being delisted from...

    Keywords: 77 consecutive years, Toyota, consistently profitable, Toyota

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    toyota fortuner, maruti swift discount, car market in india at an all time low, Toyota

    Car Market in India at an all time low 21 March 2013

    Indian car economy is in doldrums; anyone can say that hands down. However with the recent trend of the car market in India, the situation appears to be getting worse. Skoda has offered a free hatchback for their Rapide sedan....

    Keywords: , maruti swift discount, toyota fortuner, Maruti swift

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    Innova HyCross videos, Innova HyCross pictures, toyota innova hycross review, Toyota

    Toyota Innova HyCross Review 07 December 2022

    Toyota Innova HyCross Review:- Toyota came up with Innova HyCross which has tons of new features with comfots and ADAS functionalities. Innova HyCross comes with a front-wheel drive monocoque architecture. Innova HyCross comes with a petrol and electric motor engine....

    Keywords: Innova HyCross specifications, Innova HyCross interiorrs, Innova HyCross videos, Innova HyCross first look

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    Volks Wagen, Honda Motors, car prices to go up in january, Toyota

    Car prices to go up in January 15 December 2014

    Auto manufacturers will hike the prices of cars from January, 2015 and already Hyundai Motors has announced the hike. The manufacturers cited rising input cost, expensive imports due to rupee depreciation and high cost of sales reasons behind the hike...

    Keywords: Hyundai motors, Honda Motors, Honda Motors, Hyundai motors

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    cars drive themselves, Audi, driverless cars under manufacture, Toyota

    Driverless cars under manufacture 08 July 2013

    Cars will now drive themselves. Until now, it was just Google and San Francisco that experienced driverless cars. Now it could be a reality worldwide with Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota beginning to manufacture the cars. Self-driving vehicles may soon make...

    Keywords: Mercedes-Benz, cars drive themselves, Google, San Francisco

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    hit-and-run, Toyota Land Cruiser, court rejects sallu s plea to sell his car, Toyota

    Court rejects Sallu's plea to sell his car 09 October 2012

    A local court of Mumbai has ruled out the plea of Salman Khan who earlier sought permission to sell his Toyota Land Cruiser in which he was earlier involved in hit-and-run case in 2002. In the hit and run accident,...

    Keywords: Bandra, Salman Khan, plea, Bandra

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    Telangana Police logo, Telangana police department, telangana police logo finalized, Toyota

    Telangana Police logo finalized 22 July 2014

    Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao has finalized the new logo for the Telangana Police department. About 60 designs were initially selected and KCR took a final call yesterday. This logo will come effective from August 15th  and from that day,...

    Keywords: Innova cars for police department, Telangana police, Innova cars for police department, Quick news

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    Toyota Urban Cruiser release date, Toyota Urban Cruiser specifications, toyota urban cruiser brochure leaked, Toyota

    Toyota Urban Cruiser Brochure Leaked 21 August 2020

    Toyota Urban Cruiser Brochure Leaked:- Toyota Urban Cruiser is one of the most eagerly awaited vehicles from Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) in India. Toyota Urban Cruiser is a sub-compact SUV that is based on Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza. Toyota Urban...

    Keywords: Toyota Urban Cruiser new updates, Toyota Urban Cruiser price, Toyota Urban Cruiser, Toyota Urban Cruiser new updates

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