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    50 Coronavirus Cases In Telangana Police Department 02 June 2020

    50 Coronavirus Cases In Telangana Police Department:- The number of coronavirus cases in India are increasing at a rapid speed. The total number of cases is inching towards 2 lakh mark. The Telangana cops have been working without breaks during...

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    Telangana Youth Not Interested in Cop Jobs 04 February 2020

    Telangana Youth Not Interested in Cop Jobs:- There used to be a huge demand for jobs in the Police Department all over. But the recent happenings that happened in Telangana left many in deep shock. Several youngsters who passed several...

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    Telangana Police logo finalized 22 July 2014

    Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao has finalized the new logo for the Telangana Police department. About 60 designs were initially selected and KCR took a final call yesterday. This logo will come effective from August 15th  and from that day,...

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