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  • Bathukamma Procedure, Spirituality, bathukamma telangana s floral festival, Spirituality

    Bathukamma - Telangana’s Floral Festival 20 September 2017

    Bathukamma - Telangana’s Floral Festival:- A colorful and vibrant festival of Telangana is the Bathukamma festival, that is celebrated by women, with flowers that grow exclusively in each region. This festival is a symbol of Telangana’s cultural identity. Bathukamma comes...

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    Madhur Bhandakar, Madhur Bhandakar, madhur s spirituality, Spirituality

    Madhur’s spirituality! 03 August 2011

    B – Town film maker Madhur Bhandarkar, who is known for making realistic films, is back with his dream project, ‘Heroine’, finally growing on location soon, starring Madhur’s First choice for the film, Kareena Kapoor, who did not want to...

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    Spirituality tips, Spirituality news, how to handle stress through spirituality, Spirituality

    How to Handle Stress through Spirituality? 09 August 2021

    How to Handle Stress through Spirituality?:- After the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, most of the people are left restricted to their homes. There are several ways to battle depression. Spirituality is one way to handle stress and people choose...

    Keywords: Spirituality practice, Spirituality news, Spirituality latest updates, Spirituality new updates

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    Spirituality, Rituals Of Bakrid, bakrid the holy festival of muslims, Spirituality

    Bakrid - The Holy Festival of Muslims 01 September 2017

    Bakrid:- One of the most popular festivals celebrated by the Muslims all over the world is Bakrid or Bakra Eid. The festival is also called as Eid-Al-Adha or Eid-ul-Zuha. After religiously fasting for 30-days during Ramzan with much fervor and...

    Keywords: Eid-Al-Adha, Rituals Of Bakrid, Eid-Al-Adha, Eid-Al-Adha

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    Shankaracharya of Dwaraka Peeth Swaroopananda, Saibaba No God Says Shankaracharya, saibaba no god says shankaracharya, Spirituality

    Saibaba No God Says Shankaracharya 23 June 2014

    Spirituality is only an understanding of an individual.  It cannot be expressed totally within the limited boundaries of a language.  It makes it impossible to explain in a definite term meaning that its definition is not possible.  A guru can...

    Keywords: Spirituality, Wishesh Special, Shankaracharya statement on Saibaba, Shankaracharya of Dwaraka Peeth Swaroopananda

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    Spirituality, Gaddar, maoist telangana leader gaddar turns spiritual, Spirituality

    Maoist Telangana Leader Gaddar Turns Spiritual 28 March 2017

    Gummadi Vittal Rao, popularly known as Gaddar, the 67-year old, the founder of Jana Natya Mandali, has turned spiritual. The Jana Natya Mandali, is a cultural wing of the Communist Party of India (CPI), Marxist–Leninist (ML) People’s War Group. The...

    Keywords: Maoist movement, Maoist singer, Gaddar, Maoist singer

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    spirituality, Simhachalam Temple, prasadam burnt at simhachalam, Spirituality

    Prasadam burnt at Simhachalam 22 May 2013

    The management of Simhachalam made laddus expecting a number of devotees to throng the pilgrim place on Chandanotsavam.  As the devotees did not turn up to the expectations of the temple management, about 750 laddus were spoiled as fungus formed...

    Keywords: Tirtha and Prasada, prasadams, burning prasadam, Simhachalam Temple

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