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    Shaving blues: 18 February 2013

    It is highly common that you use a safety razor or any other manual razor and end up cutting yourself once in a while. There is not much pain but the bleeding at times is uncontrollable. Here is a tip...

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    Sonam Kapoor lip lock in Bewakoofiyaan, Rohan Shrestha, sonam kapoor shaves her face, Shaving

    Sonam Kapoor shaves her face 13 March 2014

    What you read is absolutely true, yes Bollywood style icon Sonam Kapoor shaved for face but not for any of her films, in fact for photo shoot. The "Bewakoofiyaan" actress recently did a photo shoot for popular fashion photographer Rohan...

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    apply to surface, Shaving Cream uses, shaving cream additional uses, Shaving

    Shaving Cream additional uses 28 May 2013

    You can use shaving cream to clean almost any surface; glass, plastic, metal, waterproofed- wood literally anything. Not only is it easy to apply to the surface, but also you can just rinse the surface with a small toothbrush. The...

    Keywords: apply to surface, water, clean almost any surface, clean almost any surface

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    Keep These Tips in Mind When You Are Shaving Instead of Waxing 29 July 2020

    Keep These Tips in Mind When You Are Shaving Instead of Waxing:- Visiting a parlour is a part of the monthly or a bi-monthly routine for women. Some of them are still avoiding their visit to the parlour because of...

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    Age, Age, lighten the dark under arms, Shaving

    Lighten the dark under arms... 06 September 2012

    Underarm and armpit skin can darken for many reasons. Excessive sweat is the most common reason, since our armpits are constantly perspiring and cooling our body whether we feel sweaty or not. The sweat never completely dries out in the...

    Keywords: Darkness under arms for women, Underarm and armpit skin, excessive shaving, sweat is the most common reason

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